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So it’s true then …
Poughkeepsie Journal


scoffing at those signs banning cell phone use at gas pumps. Apparently, they actually can cause explosions, as a student driver discovered first hand.

Button B all that you can Button B

We’re not sure what’s more bizarre — that the U.S. Army would try to lure couch potatoes into its ranks with a video game recruiting tool, or that it would scare the beejeezus out of show-goers at the E3 Gaming Convention by staging an “”urban tactical assault exercise”” on the Los Angeles Convention Centre as a publicity stunt.

That’s just about enough to hold your spam

Some users of Google’s G-mail service awoke to find their accounts’ storage limits had been raised to a generous 1TB through a server glitch. Though some would call that a feature, not a bug.

The eye-D of the beholder
New Scientist

A new biometric identification system developed by a U.K. company could assuage privacy advocates’ fears about iris scan data being held in huge databases.

That’s how we lost the IP rights to the GUI
The Register

The Register’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion last year that tiny chips implanted under your skin, “”RFID-scanning autopour beer pumps could dispense your preferred tipple before you’ve even reached the bar”” turns up at a Barcelona night club, where Tuesday night is “”chipping night.””


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