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We the idiots

Who’s the idiot now,

dude? A New York politician who called his constituents idiots in an e-mail accidentally sent it to 300 of the people who voted for him instead of his aide, as intended.

So, a penguin walks into a bar…

What do open source geeks and freaks drink? Why, open source beer, of course. What else?

Another one for the swear jar

If you work for Microsoft, don’t even think about uttering the blasphemous term “podcasting.” In Redmond, it’s to be known as blogcasting — or else.

Under his skin

A former Bushie is going to get tagged — RFID chipped, that is. But it’s voluntary.

Mind over machine

Of all the weird computer and robot-related stories out there, this may well be the most disturbing. This week, at least.

Music biz has new lawsuit target
The Register

Horrors. People are stealing ring tones. Too bad they’re not stealing silent ones.


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