IT Business Elsewhere: 2010 or bust

IT Business Elsewhere is a look at interesting or unusual technology stories from around the world.

Vive la French downloads
New York Times/

When debating the merits of music downloading, why not go to an expert? In this case, that’s a French teenager? According to one source, he has more copyright experience “than most lawyers and members of Parliament.”

You’ve got to swap around
Business 2.0/

A start-up is making a bid for the online auction market by offering services that eBay can’t. An entrepreneur has set a site where people can procure items from one another without spending a cent. He says he was inspired by the Da Vinci Code. A group of angel investors quickly followed.

Stressed? You bet you are. And you’re not alone
The Register

According to a recent poll, IT workers rate themselves as the most stressed out people on the planet. Most claim to start worrying before they even get to work. Perhaps the thought of telling the same 10 employees that computers don’t work unless you can actually locate the on button is enough to drive anyone batty. HR personnel followed a distance seventh on the stress list.

Four more years to easy street
The Inquirer

If you can master personal technology by 2010, your life as a manager will be a whole lot simpler. A Deloitte study claims that’s the watershed year that will separate the techie men and women from the luddite boys and girls.

Java beats java

According to one survey, people would rather give up coffee at work than Internet access. News, video clips, photos and music are a welcome respite from the day-to-day grind. It’s a wonder we get anything done.


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