Canadians love their smartphones and wireless devices, even if we don’t always love our carriers and the service they provide. And our experiences can vary depending on the province or city we call home.

So, how does the cost of basic wireless service vary between Vancouver and Toronto? Are wireless customers in Alberta or Quebec more satisfied with their carriers? And what carriers have the most market share in different regions of the country?

These are just a few of the questions you can dive into with our new interactive map, Canada’s Wireless Landscape. We’ve pulled the latest geographic data relating to Canada’s wireless industry from sources such as the Canada Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the Wall Report and J.D. Power and plotted it on this interactive map  so you can see how these metrics vary by city, province and region.

To use the map, click the menu hovering over the ocean in the top left corner of the map box, select the data layer you’d like to explore, and then click on the icon or region on the map to get the numbers for that area. Hover over the layer title to get the full title for the data layer. And you can zoom in or out just like with any Goole Map.


We’ll continue to update this information and add new data sources over time, and if you have wireless data you think we should add, please share a link in the comments below.

With files from Brian Jackson and Jackie Atkins

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