A common problem for anyone living in a residence is the refrain of “It’s too cold in here!” Or, “Yikes, it’s too hot in here!” That’s where Smart Cocoon comes in.

Sean Cobham, the company’s CEO, says in an interview his team developed a smart fan that improves the air circulation in any home. They found that many homes have two or more rooms that can be either too hot or too cold for residents “based on bad design or improper implementation of the ducting system,” he adds.

He goes on to explain: “By boosting the airflow into a room it can solve the majority of problems associated with temperature regulation and can also offer energy savings so someone is not setting the main thermostat to accommodate the worst areas of a home.”

Cobham estimates that using Smart Cocoon’s fans could help a homeowner save up to 15 per cent off their energy bill.

“Increasing comfort in all the room is Smart Cocoon’s objective,” Cobham declares.

Since launching in June 2018, Smart Cocoon has more than 24 clients and Cobham expects that figure to increase due to some new marketing and sales initiatives.

The company got its footing thanks to York University’s entrepreneurship incubator YSpace. “What we found valuable is being exposed to the multiple services there and the many entrepreneurs who worked out of YSpace,” Cobham says. “And we haven’t left them. When it’s time to have conversations with clients, or to hold meetings, YSpace is fantastic. It lends legitimacy to our efforts.”

Cobham adds, “YSpace also provides an ecosystem where different companies are at different stages of development and encountering various obstacles and being able to discuss those things with other cohorts at the incubator has been helpful to us.”

In the coming years, Smart Cocoon wants to expand beyond their current products and geographic reach. “Within five years, I can see us providing  custom climate control systems in home and commercial facilities around Southern Ontario and also across all of North America.”

This article was originally published on the StartUP HERE TORONTO site.

Author:  David Silverberg

Photo Credit:  Zlatko Cetinic, Images Made Real