How small businesses can use online classifieds

Everyone uses online classfieds these days. Whether you’re looking for a job or an apartment, or doing some Spring cleaning and want to sell some old stuff, sites such as Kijiji and Craiglist have become go-to destinations. But can online classifieds be good for more than just personal use, and help out small businesses?

Zac Candelario, general manger of Kijiji Canada and Jacob Aqraou, head of the eBay Classifieds Group say they can. The two online classified managers for eBay dropped by the video studio to describe a few different ways businesses can make use of Kijiji – for free, or with a bit of a budget. It’s one more way to get your business exposure online – and Kijiji attracts 9 million Canadian visitors a month, and targets its listings to various local geographies across the country. Don’t forget about all that segmentation offered by myriad category headings. Kijiji combines a mass audience with niche targeting.

Candelario and Aqraou also talk about how Kijiji is different from its competitor, Craigslist, and where they see online classifieds going in the future (spoiler: it involves social media).

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