California passes a new data privacy law, Adidas reports a data breach, and a robot named CIMON joins astronauts in space.

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From LinkedIn – Consumers in California will have more control over their data thanks to a new data privacy law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Many people are calling the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 one of the toughest data privacy laws in the country. Companies that store personal information from tech giants to small businesses, will be required to disclose the types of data they collect, in addition to allowing consumers to opt out of having their data sold. The new legislation is very similar to Europe’s new GDPR protections, and will come into effect at the start of 2020.

Trending on Twitter – An “unauthorized party” gained access to customer data that included emails, physical addresses, usernames and encrypted passwords, Adidas recently announced. Outside data security firms conducted a preliminary investigation and concluded that the leaked data is limited, and that, at the moment, didn’t appear to include credit card or fitness information. Adidas first became aware of the security issue June 26, but as of this recording, hadn’t disclosed when the breach actually occurred.

And lastly, on Reddit – SpaceX’s latest cargo mission to the International Space Station for NASA will include a new robot crew member called CIMON. The Crew Interactive Mobile Companion looks like a floating volleyball with a computer screen on one side. It packs 14 internal fans that propel the white ball by sucking in the station’s air and expelling it move in its intended direction. The AI companion, which features a cartoon face, launched Friday with various other instruments that will be used to measure the temperatures of plants on Earth.

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