Every Friday, we round up a list of people with active Twitter accounts, ones that we feel are worth a click on the ‘follow’ button.

This week, we’re focusing on analysts, or the people whose job it is go deeper with their fields, formulating reports and drawing conclusions from what they’ve learned about the trends and players within their spaces.

Brian McDonough, business analytics analyst and software industry analyst at IDC Corp.
As an analyst in business analytics, McDonough regularly tweets about some of the new products being unveiled by companies like IBM and SAP, while the events themselves are happening. He also will tweet about up and coming trends like the Internet of Things, as well as how the enterprise is making use of big data.

Also, check out ITBusiness.ca editor Brian Jackson’s story with McDonough commenting on Loblaw’s mobile coupons program here.



Carl Howe, vice-president of data sciences research at Yankee Group.

One of the most fun things about reading Howe’s tweets is that he delivers some great, informational tweets – but he also throws some of his personal tweets into the mix. For example, he can tweet about Good Will Hunting returning to iTunes on one day, while sharing his thoughts on mobile trends in another missive. Follow Howe for his thoughts on a constantly-shifting mobile industry.


Lyndsay Wise, analyst at Wise Analytics.

As a well-known analyst in business intelligence, Wise does a lot of research on the business intelligence needs of small to mid-sized businesses. She regularly tweets about trends in big data, and she also tweets about the companies she follows, which include Cisco, IBM, Information Builders, and so on.

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