In a year that hasn’t gone exactly as Facebook would probably like, the social media giant seems to be taking steps to win back the trust of its users; for example, by trying to make it easier to be a local business on the platform.

In a Tuesday press release, Facebook announced a series of changes aimed at making it easier for users to connect with local businesses.

To start, the social networking giant made visual updates to Pages on desktop and mobile, and re-branded its separate Events app as Facebook Local, calling it a more local way to find events and places nearby.

Revamped Facebook Local app. Source: Facebook

According to the release, Facebook Pages will allow users to make reservations, book appointments, buy tickets directly through event postings and more easily view recommendations from friends.

Businesses will also be able to share Stories on their pages, which could enhance a customer’s experience by helping them know the people behind the business, if used to its full potential, Facebook said.

Business page on Facebook Local app Source: Facebook

The Local section on mobile, and the revamp of the Events app as Facebook Local, has also been given a new facelift that allows people to browse nearby places, restaurants and events based on recommendations as well as where friends are going and what they’re doing.

The final update is to the jobs tool, previously in select markets. However, the job application tool will now be available everywhere in the world, Facebook said.

According to the company, more than 1.6 billion people are connected to small businesses on the platform.

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