Dell Boomi has announced a new platform to help companies streamline the process for onboarding new hires.

According to a Tuesday press release the platform, Onboarding Solution Accelerator, is designed to make the onboarding process easier for companies and its new employees by reducing the time and cost typically associated with integrating a new hire into your workforce.

“Silos and manual handoffs in any sort of onboarding process add friction and are expensive for the organization. The best onboarding experiences combines the right people across the organization with efficient processes through the use of technology,” chief product officer of Boomi Steve Wood said in the release.

Boomi is an independent business unit that Dell acquired in 2010, providing software as a service (SaaS) integration systems. The new accelerator uses Boomi’s cloud-based integration services to digitally transform the hiring process, from an employee’s first application to the day they start at the company.

The accelerator is being touted as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that offers pre-built dashboards, connectivity, workflows and a data repository said to make it easier, not only for the employee to learn about their new company but for the employer to keep track of pertinent employee data.

Boomi calls the system an easy way to improve a new hire’s transition into the company, whether one or multiple new employees, by reducing tension for new hires and costs for employers. By digitizing the entire process, human resources managers have fewer papers to file, or data to enter, and can access automated real-time insights into the process.

Boomi’s own chief of staff, D.J. Krebsbach, said in the release that when conducting a trial run of the software earlier this year to help with its own hiring process, Boomi saved time and created a more welcoming introduction for new hires.

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