Expensify’s war against paper continues, as the accounting software company announced a new digital receipt feature this week.

Released on July 13, ReceiptBurner allows the San Francisco-based firm’s business customers to export purchase information directly onto its platform by simply pressing an electronic button.

Expensify founder and CEO David Barrett can't wait to see receipts go the way of the floppy disk.
Expensify founder and CEO David Barrett can’t wait to see receipts go the way of the floppy disk.

“Our dream is for receipts to become the next floppy disk,” Expensify founder and CEO David Barrett said in a statement.

Thus far, Expensify has announced ReceiptBurner partnerships with Uber, HotelTonight, Revel Systems, Fujitsu ScanSnap, and SaneBox, with more on the way. Once enabled, the service imports real-time payment information into a user’s Expensify account, so businesses and consumers alike can automatically add purchases to their expense reports without having to use the company’s mobile app.

Even if users don’t have an existing expense report, the program automatically creates one if users reserve a room with HotelTonight, complete a ride with Uber, or purchase anything using Revel Systems’ point-of-sale technology. The company is also expanding the program to include a variety of other booking tools, point of sale providers, and other services that would normally require employees to keep track of receipts.

Since its founding in 2008, Expensify’s goal has been to streamline accounting as much as possible, with the company going so far as to declare the expense report dead earlier this year.

“For years, we’ve been enabling users to create, submit, and approve expense reports with just the click of a button,” Expensify marketing team member Gabi Horowitz wrote in a July 13 blog post announcing ReceiptBurner, adding that it “[brings] us even closer to a utopian world in which business travelers can focus on business rather than the logistics of travel.”

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