Evernote Business launching in December

Evernote Corp. is launching a business version of its popular notes-in-the-cloud software this December, it announced today.

Evernote Business will see the introduction of a multi-user version of the Evernote application, which is a free cloud service that syncs multimedia notes across computers, mobile devices, and the Web.

In a video accompanying the news, Evernote CEO Phil Libin says that now that Evernote is a medium-sized company, they want to make software that’s useful for themselves and others. “We are very happy to launch Evernote Business, it’s the same Evernote that’s great for individuals except now it’s optimized so that you can use it in your small- and medium-sized business environment.”

Phil Libin introduces Evernote Business.

Features included in the software will be the easy account creation for employees, an admin console to manage user access, a company-wide directory for note sharing, customer service, and all the premium features that come with the paid-for version of Evernote. The service is priced at $10 per user, per month.

The note collaboration space is a fairly crowded market. Other firms are competing with Evernote, like Toronto-based Rocketr, which offers a social note-taking app for the iPhone.

Source | Evernote Business

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