HP’s new SocialPics app turns your Facebook Timeline into a photo book

Smile – your Facebook Timeline can now be turned into a hard copy photo book to be preserved for posterity beyond the virtual realm.

Snapfish, the division of Hewlett-Packard that allows users to printonline photos and even make them into a hardcover book(remember books, the kindwith actual paper?), has just released a Web app called SocialPicsthatturns your Facebook Timeline into a book. The end result is yourTimeline translated into a 20-page book measuring 8 inches by inches.

You can choose from soft cover for $19.99 or hard cover for $28.99.

HP’s SocialPics app isnow in beta, according to the Web page for the new app.

According to HP, the SocialPics app “automatically identifies the mostpopular Facebook photos, comments and status updates and displays themin a personalized book.”

The app determines the content for each personalized book “based oncomments, ‘likes’ and other interactions, and automatically arrangesthe content in chronological order.”

Yikes. Does that mean crazy cousin Larry’s prolific rants about thelooming apocalypse will automatically end up in your personalizedFacebook Timeline book?Thankfully, no, since the app features optionsto delete specific blocks of content such as photos, comments andstatus updates.

HP has hired comedian Chris Hardwick and former Sabrina the TeenageWitch star Melissa Joan Hart to front the promotionalcampaign for thenew app.

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