Demand generation provider MarketOne International is boosting the breadth of its marketing and analytics service through a partnership with data integration vendor Scribe Software.

MarketOne will use Scribe’s cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS), Scribe Online, to pull marketing automation data from Eloqua, aggregate it with data from other enterprise sources, enrich the data and load it into MarketOne’s proprietary analytics models. With the integration, MarketOne will also be able to integrate other data sources, whether in the cloud or on a client premises. By being able to see all their data in one place, users will have new visibility into their sales funnel, and better metrics on acquisition rates, sources, customer path and even more advanced analytics including marketing attribution and predictive modeling.

“MarketOne recognizes that providing world class marketing services means having data integration capability as a core competence,” said Jeff Wright, managing director of data, reporting and analytics at MarketOne, in a statement. “Having a scalable data infrastructure is critical to our being able to deliver on the value proposition of our analytical services, and Scribe Online gave us an agile integration solution that makes that possible.”

The joint solution leverages the Scribe Online iPaaS’s Eloqua connectivity and integration of multiple campaign types and tools within Eloqua to give users better access data and the ability to run highly customized reports against that data to help drive better business decisions.

“Analytics is fueling a new wave or productivity gains and profitability, and organizations that can harness analytics data in their CRM, marketing automation and ERP systems can set themselves apart from their competitors,” said Shawn McGowan, CEO at Scribe Software, in a state,emt. “iPaaS is playing a crucial role in the evolution of analytics services provided by digital marketing agencies and consumed by marketers at companies of all sizes. Scribe is excited to work with MarketOne, one of the leading demand-generation providers in the industry, to provide seamless data connectivity that helps them deliver highly scalable and advanced analytics services in an easy to use and cost-effective package.”

MarketOne clients include start-ups and vertically-focused software companies as well as major companies such as HP, SAP, Adobe and Cisco Systems.

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