Outlook, the iPhone 5S, and BlackBerry 10 – here in Canada, these topped our list of the most oft-Googled tech terms in 2013.

Every year, Google Inc. releases its list of the most searched people, places, and things. The search giant found Canadians’ top search term was Outlook, Microsoft Corp.’s email software and one of the most common email and calendar clients out there. The product underwent a makeover this year, with the 2013 version featuring a cleaner and clearer look.

Second on that list was Apple Inc.’s iPhone 5S, which shot to the top of Google searches everywhere well before its September launch date. A few days later, Apple announced it had set an opening weekend sales record, with a combined 9 million handsets sold of the iPhone 5S and its lower-priced counterpart, the candy-coloured iPhone 5C. That beat its record for the previous year, when Apple released the iPhone 5.

It’s also no surprise struggling smartphone maker BlackBerry Ltd. would feature somewhere on Google’s list. Coming in third, the BlackBerry 10 platform was released at the beginning of this year and was heralded as a possible redeeming feature for the embattled tech company. However, the end of 2013 has seen BlackBerry report a loss of more than $4 billion. Its former CEO, Thorsten Heins, was also ousted in favour of interim leader John Chen.

Fourth and fifth among the most searched terms in Canada were the game Grand Theft Auto 5, which broke six Guinness World Records including highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours, as well as Google’s latest flagship smartphone, the Nexus 5.

Here’s the full list of Canada’s most-Googled tech terms in 2013:

1. Outlook
2. iPhone 5S
3. BlackBerry 10
4. GTA 5
5. Nexus 5
6. PS4
7. Songza
8. Xbox One
9. Samsung Galaxy S4
10. Vine

So how did Canada’s Googling activities stack up, compared to what the rest of the world was searching in tech this year? Well, for the most part, it seemed pretty in line compared to what the rest of the world was searching for.

Within the consumer electronics category, the iPhone 5S was the top search term worldwide, followed by the Galaxy S4, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.

Interestingly enough, by contrast, BlackBerry 10 was only the eighth most-searched term globally, while it was at the number four spot here in Canada in the tech category.

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