The world of golf may be getting ‘techier’ in 2019 thanks to Callaway Golf Company’s newest clubs designed using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The company which claims it “creates products designed to make every golfer a better golfer” has introduced two new golf clubs that it is touting as “the most innovative and technologically advanced… in Callaway history.”

Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver developed with AI. Source: Callaway/PRNews

In a press release today it showcased both a driver and a fairway wood in its new Epic Flash series. Artificial intelligence and machine learning were used specifically to design the clubs’ faces.

Callaway claims that the design may never have existed without AI and that the technology developed a design that can make drives longer and increase ball speed.

According to the golf company, a new driver face can typically take eight to 10 iterations before landing on the best one. However, it stated that through machine learning it was able to analyze 10s of thousands of iterations to find what works best.

“Through machine learning our computers cycled through 15,000 face architecture iterations, learning from each one, before arriving at Flash Face,” stated the release.

Tech has been slowly trickling into the game of golf over the past couple years thanks to AI-powered wearables and an AI caddie designed in collaboration with Microsoft that was introduced last May.

Callaway’s Epic Flash Driver retails for $529.99 (USD) and the Epic Flash Fairway Woods goes for $299.99 (USD), they become available in the U.S. starting Feb. 1, with no word yet when they might be available in Canada.

So the million dollar question is, can artificial intelligence turn your birdie into an eagle?

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