Published: July 24th, 2007

BEA launches java application server optimized for virtualized environments
BEA Systems Inc. announced the general availability of WebLogic Server Virtual Edition, the Java application server packaged into a middleware appliance optimized for virtualized environments.

BEA WebLogic Server Virtual Edition combines WebLogic Server with BEA’s LiquidVM, a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that can help Java applications run on virtualized hardware.

WebLogic Server Virtual Edition is a key component of BEA SOA 360°, the unified SOA platform. BEA SOA 360º spans the three BEA product families – BEA AquaLogic, BEA WebLogic, and BEA Tuxedo–and is designed for business transformation and optimization.           

BEA WebLogic Server Virtual Edition is available immediately. For more information, please visit

Data Management

Consonus and Strategic Technologies launch iBackup Remote service

Consonus and Strategic Technologies, both companies of Consonus Technologies, Inc. (CTI), announced the launch of their iBackup Remote (iBR) service.  iBR is an alternative to traditional data backup methods, replacing conventional solutions with a fully automated online solution.  

iBackup Remote automate backups of file servers and application and database servers with secure offsite storage and online restoration.  In the event of a disaster, a company’s data can be restored online or via a portable disk device delivered to a specified location. 

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