AMD Inc., the semiconductor maker based out of the U.S., today announced its game plan for the embedded computing market, bringing out both ARM and x86 processors geared towards engineers.

Also called Advanced Micro Devices, the company has a new lineup of x86 accelerated processing units (APU) and central processing units (CPU), an ARM system-on-chip (SOC), and a new group of discrete AMD Embedded Radeon graphics processing units.

So next year, it plans to launch two new high-performance AMD embedded R-series processor families – the Hierofalcon CPU SoC family, which uses the ARM Cortex (TM)-A57 architecture, as well as the Bald Eagle APU and CPU. The Bald Eagle uses an x86 microprocessor architecture.

For the Hierofalcon CPU SoC group, AMD is touting it as the first 64-bit ARM-based platform. It will be used in data centres, communications, and in industrial fields. It has up to eight ARM Cortex (TM)-A57 CPUs that can run up to 2 gigahertz (GHz), and it has high-performance memory with two 64-bit DDR3/4 channels. The Hierofalcon also comes with high-speed network connectivity, enhanced security, and encryption for engineers looking to secure their systems.

Bald Eagle, on the other hand, is still focused on x86 solutions, something that AMD is already known for. It is available as both an APU and CPU, with up to four cores within a 35W TDP. APU is also adding on the new AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next GPU architecture as an improvement, making it better for digital signage and for gaming. The Bald Eagle line will also come with new power management features like configurable TDP, giving engineers more design flexibility.

AMD added these products will be focused around areas like industrial control and automation, gaming, digital signage, medical imaging, smart TVs, printing and imaging, and digital surveillance – part of its push into the embedded market, which AMD sees as a high-growth area.

The new line of processors will be out sometime in 2014, with Hierofalcon arriving sometime in the second half of the year and Bald Eagle released in the first half of 2014.

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