Following up on the success of the Adobe Voice for iPad app that it launch last summer, Adobe has launched a new visual storytelling app: Adobe Slate.

The app allows a marketer to bring together words and images into a story that can be created in minutes, published as web content and shared on social media or embedded in a web site. Leveraging Adobe’s expertise in digital imagery, page-layout, typography, and web design, the vendor says the app will be a fit for everyone from students looking to give their homework a little extra something to a small business owner looking to catch the eyes of potential customers.

“There’s clearly a need for a new way to communicate and a new method of communicating, but you’re not always going to want to use your voice,” said Brian Nemhauser, director of product management with Adobe. “Slate aims to do for the written word what Voice did for creating visual stories (with video animation).”

Like Voice, Slate is free to use and you don’t need to be a developer to harness it. A collection of themes is available, and with a tap users can add text, choose their photo layout and apply curated looks and motions to present their content in a more compelling and dynamic way. Users can upload their own images or use the integrated interface with Creative Commons. The adaptable design will display well on difference devices and screen sizes.

Adobe Slate - Screenshot (2)

With over five million tweets hitting the web every day, Nemhauser said it can be very noisy when everyone is talking, and difficult to break through with a message that captures and keeps someone’s attention and communicates the message you have in mind.

“People don’t want another social network they have to manage. What they want is a way for their communications to stand out within the existing channels they already use,” said Nemhauser. “It’s not necessarily about a huge social audience; it could just be a single student trying to demonstrate to their student what they’ve learned. Adobe wants to help all those communicators stand out.”

The app is available now as a free download from Apple’s App Store, and requires iPad 2 or higher and iOS 8.

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