To comply with an executive order issued by the U.S. government, Adobe is deactivating all accounts in Venezuela. The computer software company will no longer be providing users access to services and software, including free ones, or allowing users to make any new transactions or purchases. 

The Executive Order 13884, issued Aug. 5, 2019, prohibits nearly all types of transaction between the U.S. users, be it individuals, companies, or entities, in Venezuela. It’s unclear if Adobe is trying to play it safe by cutting business ties with the country entirely or if there’s another issue preventing it from selling to private individuals there.

Since the order does not have an expiration date, the decision to overrule it lies solely in the hands of the U.S. Government. 

We will continue to monitor developments closely and will make every effort to restore services to Venezuela as soon as it is legally permissible to do so,” Adobe wrote on its website.

The company will not be issuing refunds to any of these users. “We are unable to issue refunds. Executive order 13884, orders the cessation of all activity with the entities including no sales, service, support, refunds, credits, etc.,” reads the page. 

Users have until Oct. 28, 2019 to download any content stored in their respective Adobe accounts.

Depending on the plan they are a part of and the app that they are using, users can download their files or content from the following four cloud locations: Creative Cloud, Lightroom, Document Cloud, and Adobe Spark.


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