LAS VEGAS – If you’ve ever looked at a sign, postcard, postcard, or t-shirt and thought, “I wish I could steal that font!” – and who hasn’t? – you’re going to love Adobe Creative Cloud’s newest feature.

The aptly-named Type Capture feature provides Creative Cloud users – specifically, those subscribing to Adobe Typekit – with a font similar to, or an exact replica of, any inimitable-looking collection of letters they wish to imitate, based on a photo.

Eric Snowden

“Let’s say I have this postcard, and I don’t know what this font is on the back, but I want to use it in one of my designs,” Adobe senior director of design, Creative Cloud, and Document Cloud Eric Snowden said, demonstrating the feature during his portion of the day-one keynote at Adobe Max, the company’s annual conference for creatives. “Type Capture can help with that.”

“If I launch my camera, and point it at the card… with one click this gets sent up to Creative Cloud, and what happens is, Capture is using Adobe Sensei technology to analyze the font and give me similar fonts,” Snowden said, admitting that Type Capture was the feature he was most excited about (the audience may have agreed, since it received louder applause than any other new feature showcased during the Oct. 18 keynote).

More importantly, he said, Type Capture doesn’t just analyze the user’s chosen font, it analyzes its character style, allowing users to edit it as they please by making it wider or narrower, solid or outlined, coloured or black, capital or lowercase – and then save it to their Creative Cloud library.

The font is then available across Creative Cloud applications, including Photoshop and Illustrator, which Snowden used to apply the font to his sample project.

“It’s pretty cool,” he said, to more applause. “I went from having a font on a postcard to using it in Illustrator in just a couple of clicks.”

Check out a video demonstration below.

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