Think your business is ideally suited for mobile users, but your Google ads don’t seem to be reaching them? Sean Quadlin, Google Inc.’s search engine marketing (SEM) best practices marketing manager, has a few tips for you.

In the video below, Quadlin shares four extensions you can use with Google’s AdWords marketing service that will make your messages that much more clickable for mobile users:

Sitelink extensions

Does your business name speak for itself? Did it come up in a search for similar businesses? Then you might want to offer mobile users instant links to some of the more pertinent sections of your website, like hours or services offered, saving them time and making your business look more attractive than the competition’s ad directing users to a website instead of helping them find out if their business is still open.

And yes, there are only four links shown below, but the reason you should provide at least six is that AdWords will choose the four it believes are most relevant to users when they see your ad.

Mobile-friendly ad extensions 1 - Sitelinks

Location extensions

Does your business have a bricks-and-mortar location? Mobile users being, well, mobile, it’s easy to imagine them conducting a search while your store happens to be nearby. Notifying users (and Google) of that fact might increase your chances of them going from seeing your ad in a mobile search to actually walking in.

Mobile-friendly ad extensions 2 - Location extensions

Call extensions

It’s easy to forget because it does so many other things, but a smartphone’s primary function remains helping users to reach out to others, and calls are still a favourite method for many customers, especially those over 34.

So if your company has an attendant available, why not let users know they can give them a call? AdWords even allows you to display call extension (or even call-only) ads at specific times, so they’ll appear only when someone is available to answer the phone.

Mobile-friendly ad extensions 3 - Call extensions

App extensions

Does your business have an app to make the customer journey easier for mobile users? Invite them to download it right away – and be sure to link to both brand-focused and generic words.

“Users might love your app, and if you think that’s the case, then you want to be there to let them know about it whenever possible,” Quadlin says.

Mobile-friendly ad extensions 4 - App extensions

Watch the entire three-minute video below.

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