TAIPEI – At CES 2014, XYZprinting’s da Vinci 1.0 won the Editor’s Choice Award. Not resting on its laurels after that recent accolade, the Taiwan-based 3D printer is set to launch the da Vinci 2.1 Duo Plus later this year.

XYZprinting’s da Vinci Duo Plus 3D printer.

According to the XYZprinting spokesperson, Sheila Huang, the newest addition to the da Vinci lineup brings “the quality 3D printing experience to anytime and anywhere for the consumer.” The da Vinci 2.1 Duo Plus provides all the functionality and power that it’s nearest competitor offers at a fraction of the cost.

Targeting the fifth generation Replicator by MakerBot, the latest iteration by XYZ comes in at a price point of USD $849  compared to $2,899.

da Vinci 2.1 Duo Plus
A look inside the da Vinci 2.1 Duo Plus machine.

Constantly connected

The next iteration of the da Vinci 3D printer aims to be the most connected 3D printer ever made. The 2.1 Duo Plus will come equipped with WiFi connectivity providing an interactive experience that lets users engage and print from any iPad or Android tablet. Not only that, but the team at XYZprinting has developed the capability for users to execute and monitor print jobs through mobile apps. Users will now have the ability to manage their work from wherever, whenever.

Similar to the Replicator, the latest da Vinci features a USB port to enable users to simply plug in a USB drive to print. However, the da Vinci 2.1 Duo Plus will feature a Android-based 5″ colour LCD touch panel to allow every user to easily monitor print jobs.

5" Android screen
A 5″ Android screen adorns the new printers.

XYZprinting is also borrowing a tactic from MakerBot in forming its own cloud library with the help of its user base. Borrowing from the popular MakerBot Thingiverse user group, XYZprinting hopes to build a community that will share together and create collaboratively to further enhance and promote 3D printing.

The da Vinci 2.1 Duo Plus will have the following specifications:

  • Price: USD $849
  • Build Volume: 15/15/20 cm
  • Print Layer: 100-400 microns
  • Print Head: Dual Nozzles
  • Print Material: ABS/PLA
  • Panel Type: 5″ LCD Touch
  • Language: Multi Language
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0/WiFi/LAN
  • Auto Nozzle Cleaning: Yes
  • Dual Colour in One Task: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes
  • USB Stick: Yes
  • Cloud Database Printing: Yes
  • Remote Control with Mobile App: Yes
  • File Types: .stl and XYZ Format

XYZ Printing is a subsidiary of the USD $30 billion Taiwan technology manufacturing giant, Kinpo Group.

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