If you think you would make a great entrepreneur but haven’t had the right opportunity or idea, this might be your chance.

There’s a glitz and glamour to being a startup founder nowadays. There seems to be more VC ‘bling’ being thrown around than in rap videos, not to mention the amazing work ‘cribs’ aka office spaces of your dreams (I know I daydream about the Facebook and Google HQs).

But to be a founder you need an idea, and a good one at that. You also need the right kind of brawn to take the idea from start to acquisition/sale before someone else comes up with an even better idea or finds a way to do it faster.

Ashley Huffman – Contributor

Lucky for you that INcubes, Toronto’s private disruptive tech startup incubator, is calling out for CMOs, CFOs, CEOs, designers, engineers, and the geekiest of coders alike to create a completely new project and company; the NO [IDEA] Startup.

This is your chance to work with the best and the brightest entrepreneurs of Canada, all the while being supplied with the tools you need to make the business succeed. This includes resources, a work space, strategic partnerships, a free pass into the investment community and mentorships; including by yours truly.

INcubes also just partnered with, the driving force behind uniting the startup industry in Canada. They bring to the table some of the country’s most influential entrepreneurs, bloggers and board members.  There are literally too many amazing names, to start name dropping.

Now you may be asking yourself, why are no other incubators doing this tech maverick call for entrepreneurs? Well, it’s a risky endeavour to say the least. INcubes is using valuable time, money and space for an unproven, well everything.

“We want to take collaboration to an entirely new level by bringing together talented individuals who may never have had the chance to work together; a world class roster,” said Ben Zlotnick, CEO of INcubes. “We’re known for incubating Canada’s most disruptive tech startups, but we’ve got a series of ideas just ready and waiting for the right team.”

This may just be your opportunity of a lifetime and big break into the world of startups. To apply, visit and submit your basic contact info, Linkedin Profile, a brief about yourself, why you’re interested in joining and the role you see yourself fulfilling.

In the mindset of Hunger Games, may the best entrepreneurs win!

Ashley is an education & technology evangelist from the GTA.  She is proudly a Marketing & PR mentor at INcubes and is the brains behind the geek blog Ashley is also a self-proclaimed Twitter and Nanodots addict.

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