Few things evoke more groans from corporate managers than the realization that once again it is time for the 360 Degree Feedback processes.

Nobody doubts the important of taking stock of the talent and abilities of your team, but the accompanying paperwork is never welcome. Now, innovative human resources professionals are simplifying the process with a wide range of new software on the market. When hours of reporting can be reduced to a few keystrokes, it’s hard to argue such an investment.

The 360 Degree Feedback process has been so time-consuming in the past because it involves a multi-question survey being administrated to several of the employee’s managers, colleagues, and customers. Overall, it is a beneficial method of developing leadership and talent within your organization, but if it not done properly and thoroughly, it can also end up short on delivery and long on time-wasting.

Currently, there is software on the market that will work with web-based systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and other platforms. It comes in a range of prices and with a dizzying number of options.

How do you as a human resources professional pick the one that will work best for your company?

Of paramount importance is that your system will be easy to use and easy to measure employee improvement. It should be paperless and handle at least eight to 10 surveys per employee, and it needs a customizable user interface. It should be easy for data to be imported and exported, and accessible from mobile apps. It must have capacity for competency scale and comparative reporting data.

Other key functions should include:

  1. Ability to do statistical charting and script editing.
  2. Performance appraisal and planning tools.
  3. Paper-based or online surveys.
  4. Summarizations of multiple source feedback.
  5. Multi-PDF creation.
  6. A gap analysis.

With many organizations slashing human resources budgets to the basics, this software can allow for a productive feedback process to still be maintained. It is also a valuable tool for HR professionals to determine training needs that should be targeted next.

With the help of the 360 Degree Feedback software, your employees will have excellent feedback on key areas that need their attention. However, like all software programs, it is only as effective as the data entered, so be sure to continue to do training updates on the entire performance evaluation system.

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