CES show floor, Las Vegas - Image by Catherine Aczel Boivie

Published: January 11th, 2019

This report from CES 2019 looks at the wonderful and sometimes quirky products offered this year. (All prices cited are USD.)

Nuka.me the “eternal notebook.” The paper is waterproof and non-tearable, notes can be erased by a damp cloth or by spraying water on it – as shown in below picture. The writing can be scanned and digitized. The Nuka goes for $59 and will be available on Kickstarter by the summer.

Erasing the ‘eternal notebook.’ Image by Catherine Aczel Boivie

Gosun uses solar technologies for cooking and refrigeration. The small solar cooker is $139 and is available now. The solar cooler is more expensive at $600 and will be available later this year.

Both appliances work without the sun even in the evening and are great for camping or power outages. The solar cooker would be especially useful in off-the-grid locations, in remote northern communities and third world countries with unreliable power grids. 

The Gosun small solar cooker. Image by Catherine Aczel Boivie

The Cauldryn Mug is designed for coffee and tea drinkers on the go. Just punch in your desired drink temperature and it will ensure it’s maintained all day. The percolator can be quickly attached to brew a fresh cup on the go. A great perk if your camping and don’t want to get up to boil water for that morning coffee.

With a price of $129 you will need to seriously determine how serious of a coffee drinker you are on the go. 

Heatworks heats water a little differently. Instead of using coils that scale and rust, they use graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls to directly and efficiently heat water.

In the picture below, the water gets hot as it goes through the mechanism in the lid, hence the carafe doesn’t get hot and the water heats instantaneously as you pour. The carafe will be available next year for a projected price of $199.

Heatworks. Image by Catherine Aczel Boivie

Another device, the countertop dishwasher uses similar technology. It has its own water container and doesn’t need plumbing, all it needs is a standard electric plug. It is compact, 18 inches wide by 16.75 inches tall and 14 inches deep. It quickly cleans dirty dishes and glasses. It will be available later this year and the projected cost will be $399.

Somainnofit bra provides a bra for women to measure what size of bra they need. Finding the right bra size is a constant challenge for women so the Soma measurement bra would be useful.

It is designed to help women determine their actual bra size, simply by slipping it on and using a downloaded app, the bra will measure four body dimensions and will then recommend a list of Soma bras in various styles and sizes to best fit the person’s shape.

Unfortunately, it only provides the sizes of Soma bras but the bras are reasonable and available through their website for Canadian customers. The measurement bra is $25 and other Soma bras range from $40-110.

Watch out for my next blog, the last one from this year’s CES!!

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