Google had some bad news for Internet Explorer 8 users last week;  After IE10 launches in November, Google will cut compatibility of its Google Apps with IE8. IE 9, and soon IE10, are not compatible with Windows XP, so this could mean trouble for users.

“Google Apps are popular in colleges and schools, businesses and even government departments,” says blogger Nick Farrell. “Many of these rely on Windows XP for legacy applications… Ironically the move is likely to benefit Microsoft which has been trying to get people to upgrade from XP for the last five years.”

Browsers can change quite frequently, which is why many organizations and businesses choose not to change their browsers of choice, even when it is an update of their existing browser.

The benefit of cloud computing is that you have everything that is important to your company or business housed in one location that can be accessed from any browser on a desktop or mobile device. The solution for IE users will be to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Not everyone is sad to see IE8 go either.

“Good riddance,” said blogger Drew Olanoff.

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