HP unveils new virtual reality display at CES

    HP unveiled a new virtual reality display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday.
    But unlike many screens being released at CES, this isn’t for entertainment. It’s a display made with specialized workers in mind – architects, scientists, and doctors take note. The HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display allows users to interact with digital 3D models in a unique interface.
    First you sit in front of the slanted monitor, connected to an HP workstation. Then you put on a pair of 3D glasses to bring the on-screen objects into focus. Next, pick up a pen and start interacting with the 3D models.
    The pen lets you pick the objects up and turn them around. It’s just like you were holding them in real life. You can even crane your neck around to view the objects from different angles. Small cameras mounted to the side of the display track your head movements.
    The whole point is to get people interacting with digital technology the same way they are used to working in the real world. Imagine a surgeon planning out every detail of an operation before doing the real thing.
    HP says the Zvr will be available this Spring. Pricing is available upon request.