HP’s giant Android tablet copies what you write on paper

    Have you ever been trying to make notes on your fancy touchscreen tablet, and just wished you could scribble down your ideas on a good old-fashioned pad of paper?

    Well HP is giving you the best of both worlds with the release of its new giant-sized HP Pro Slate 12 tablet. As the name indicates, its a 12-inch screen, and this Android tablet really does act as a slate. Users can use the accompanying stylus, the Duet Pen, to write on paper and have your work automatically appear on the tablet as well.

    The tablet is outfitted with Gorilla Glass 4, a new even-more unbreakable glass material, is powered by a Snapdragon 800 chipset and boasts 2 GB of RAM. Watch the video above for a quick hands-on demonstration of the new device.