How executives can work together: Andrew Dillane, CIO of Randstad

    Andrew Dillane has been at Randstad Canada Group for more than a decade and has had his chance at wearing several leadership hats before finding the best fit in the role of CIO.

    His enjoyment of the role and affinity for networking with other likeminded leaders led him to a stint as president as the CIO association of Canada. So he’s no stranger to collaborating with other peers at his level and he’s also seen how top-level collaboration works from a different office. His leadership experience sees him take on extra-curricular tasks such as sitting on the panel of judges for this year’s Ingenious Awards, hosted by the Information Technology Association of Canada.

    In this interview, we speak with Dillane about the unique challenges of collaborating with executives and his take on why leadership by example is the best approach to take in his view. Dillane gives insights on what award-winning calibre leadership looks like and what the top priorities of CIOs in Canada should look like. The interview starts with Dillane’s take on how he collaborates with his CMO counterpart at Randstad.