Elevator pitch: ARB Labs – simplifying gestures into language

    ARB Labs is a part of Toronto-based accelerator Incubes’ fourth cohort and it wants to translate gestures into triggers for software systems.

    ARB Labs specializes in enterprise-grade gesture recognition software. It allows anyone to record, edit, and learn gestures in a matter of minutes. It’s targeting its application towards airports, casinos, and banks as “pre-crime” detection technology. Think of it as the Google of gesture recognition. ARB Labs has already built up the largest repository of gestures in the world.

    Its software, Gesture Studio is available as a free version that gives developers what they need to make gesture-controlled apps. The proprietary gesture recognition engine draws from a database of more than 70,000 human gestures and can analyze them with an accuracy rate of 98.9 per cent at the rate of 600 frames per second. That allows individual movements to be tired to software triggers for interaction with three-dimensional values.

    ARB Labs has completed a confidential fundraising round with angel investors and is looking to raise between $800,000 and $1.2 million.