Elevator Pitch: Qoints – how success is measured

    Qoints is a startup involved with the fourth cohort at Toronto-based accelerator Incubes and it wants to help brands understand and measure the success of digital campaigns.

    Qoints co-founders Harris Maxwell and Cory Rosenfield have been in the digital agency world for the last few years, so they are no strangers to working with some big brands online. They’ve built a proprietary platform that allows brands to run digital contests, coupons, and other promotions. The idea is to measure the success of these campaigns and eliminate wasteful spending on ineffective marketing. Brands run campaigns from a simplified dashboard with specific user targeting.

    Qoints will be targeting marketing agencies and small to mid-sized businesses with its service. It is self-funded to this point aside from a $15,000 investment from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation as part of the Incubes program.

    Qoints is currently looking for early adopter users and people interested in blogging.