Elevator Pitch: AppGeek – do more with your smartphone

    A part of Toronto-based accelerator Incubes’ fourth cohort, AppGeek offers a crowd-sourced app discovery system that recommends iPhone apps to you based on your interests and personality.

    AppGeek says that businesses launch more than 2,000 apps daily. So it’s no wonder that users can’t keep up with everything available to them. At the same time, most app launches that fail are not targeting the right audience. AppGeek uses “psychographics” to understand users to target apps to the right audience. It aims to cut through the noise of irrelevant apps for consumers. AppGeek works with revenue share partners such as Apple, Amazon.com, and Pointclub.com to make money.

    The startup has three co-founders, Arjun Mohan, Dmitri Tcherbadji, and Ishtiaq Rahman.

    It has received $15,000 in funding as part of the Incubes program from the Canadian Youth Business Federation and aims to raise $333,000 in its next round.