How remote network monitoring can save you time and money

Companies can save time, money, and the odd broken network-induced headache with the right remote network monitoring tools, say analysts.What's more, there are few drawbacks.There are many options for remote server monitoring, and

Published on: February 11th, 2008 Brian Jackson

Businesses should not delay move to IPv6, caution experts

North American businesses should start switching over to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) now, as in a little over four years there won't be any IPv4 addresses left, analysts say.The IPv6 format was

Published on: February 8th, 2008 Brian Jackson

A sneak peek into tomorrow’s cell phones

If you don't like the way the e-mail program on your PC works, you can replace it with one you like better. And when you need to add a new capability to Firefox,

Published on: February 1st, 2008 Glenn Fleishman

Network overhaul works many wonders for Winnipeg school division

Reduced staffing costs, more than $200,000 a year in communications savings and additional earnings from leasing its fibre network are only a few of the many benefits experienced by a Winnipeg school division

Published on: January 30th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

Massive data growth propels SMBs towards networked storage

As small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) save more data and rely on it more, they are turning to networked storage even under the burden of limited budgets and IT expertise. Regulatory requirements, more

Published on: January 14th, 2008 Stephen Lawson

Symantec SIM – a great tool, but not for novices

What is it, one might reasonably ask, that separates a SIM (security information manager) from a basic log-file aggregator? Both will, of course, aggregate log files, but a SIM must go further, gathering

Published on: January 8th, 2008 Curtis Franklin Jr.

Massive WiFi virus outbreak possible

If criminals were to target unsecured wireless routers, they could create an attack that could piggyback across thousands of Wi-Fi networks in urban areas like Chicago or New York City, according to researchers

Published on: January 4th, 2008 Robert McMillan

Botnet blocker service rolled out

A security tool that identifies botnets and blocks attacks from these zombie networks is being made available by Trend Micro online in the software-as-a-service model. The Botnet Identification Service, one of three hosted

Published on: July 31st, 2007 Jon Brodkin

Nokia showcases converged wireless experiences

Wireless Nokia frees the Internet with innovative devices and applications EarthLink, a provider of municipal Wi-Fi solutions, in collaboration with Nokia, is demonstrating how to use the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet will create

Published on: March 26th, 2007 ITBusiness Staff

The perils of DIY installation

Surprisingly, if you decide to install your network cabling yourself but don't have the proper knowledge, you will actually save money. This won't last.Chances are slim that your network will provide optimal bandwidth

Published on: March 22nd, 2007 Adam Pletsch

Can the network carry the load?

When voice over IP first began appearing on business networks, many people expected to simply fire it up and start talking. But when they tried it, a lot of what they had to

Published on: December 6th, 2006 Grant Buckler

Network monitoring tools

Has your network been sluggish lately? If you've noticed delays when logging onto it, increased wait times for print jobs or slow access to network-attached storage devices, your network probably isn't living up

Published on: December 6th, 2005 Vawn Himmelsbach