"El Capitan" upgrade to OSX crash on boot up.

Published: October 30th, 2015

Use Lion’s AirDrop feature to quickly share Mac files

Moving a file from one computer to another remains as big a pain today as it was decades ago when network file-sharing first became common. To move a file from Computer A (your

Published on: August 17th, 2011 Glen Fleishman

Mobile ads market growing with apps explosion

The frenzy for smartphones and tablets is creating a skyrocketing market for mobile apps. According to Gartner, revenue from mobile apps will top $15 billion in 2011, and surpass $58 billion within three

Published on: January 31st, 2011 Tony Bradley

Security not sole issue in Google’s dump Windows move

Google telling its employees to dump Microsoft Windows may be motivated by much more than security considerations, Canadian tech analysts say.On Tuesday, a section of the media reported that the search behemoth giant

Published on: June 2nd, 2010 Nestor Arellano

Several Mac apps tainted with password-stealing software

Intego, makers of security and privacy apps for the Mac, warned on Tuesday that some Mac software include a new piece of invasive spyware. Macworld has obtained a preliminary list of the applications

Published on: June 2nd, 2010 David Chartier

Tabnapping cons users into giving out their passwords

A Mozilla employee yesterday outlined a sly new attack tactic dubbed "tabnapping" that can dupe users into giving up passwords by secretly changing already-open browser tabs.All of the major browsers on Windowsand Mac

Published on: May 27th, 2010 Gregg Keizer

IE8 will fall first in Vancouver hacking contest, organizer says

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8, not Apple's Safari, will be the first browser to fall in this week's Pwn2Own hacking challenge, the contest organizer said.Aaron Portnoy, security research team lead with 3Com TippingPoint, the

Published on: March 22nd, 2010 Gregg Keizer

Apple sued by Mac clone maker over Snow Leopard

Mac clone maker Psystar Corp. last week sued Apple for a second time, charging that it illegally ties the new Snow Leopard operating system to Apple's hardware. Psystar also asked a federal judge

Published on: September 1st, 2009 Gregg Keizer

15 fast and easy ways to hack-proof your Mac

One of the commonly touted advantages to using a Mac is that it's more secure and less prone to malware than a PC running Windows. It's easy to see where this attitude comes

Published on: May 1st, 2009 Ryan Faas

What ToDo 1.3.2 – a no-nonsense task tracking tool for small businesses

The number of programs out there designed to help you organize your to-do list is staggering--and growing steadily. In just the past couple months, we've covered several here in Mac Gems, including Anxiety

Published on: May 27th, 2008 Jackie Dove