"El Capitan" upgrade to OSX crash on boot up.

Published: October 30th, 2015

I switched to Mac because it was fast, ran all the software I wanted and it was damned reliable. Yes, at one time I loved to be “under the hood” pushing the boundaries and solving the issues.  Years later – I just want my laptop to work.

For years, my succession of Macs has done just that. Installations, updates, backup just happen. No viruses. No problems. Yes, it looked cool – but that really wasn’t what made me switch. While I was swearing at my laptop, or trapped in a hotel room trying to get the damn thing to run –  my daughter –  the Mac user was bashing away on a beat up  MacBook pro that was blazing fast, took tons of abuse and just always worked. That was the real bonus – reliability, speed and no more “blue screen of death.”

The Mac, when it failed, failed elegantly.   The “blue screen of death” was no more. An application problem was a limited problem. That new software I downloaded ran smoothly more times than not, but even when it failed, the OS stayed up and running. The rest of my system ran smoothly. Put the offending software in the trash and move on.  Yes, it cost more – a lot more actually – but reliability was worth it. Upgrades seemed to work smoothly. After several generations of even major OS upgrades, I had few if any problems. Until now.

El Capitan, dubbed “El Crapitan” by some frustrated users is Apple’s newest version of the OSX operating system and is also the first disastrous upgrade in all the five or more years since I switched from Windows to Mac.

Last night I did what I’ve done so many times over the past years. I upgraded – a routine thing. I do nothing special with my MacBook Air so I expected no problems.

On trying to boot up the system, it crashed. And crashed. And crashed. At first I suspected the hardware. I booted in safe mode, which is painfully slow but probably ruled out a major hardware failure. Years ago, it seemed like I worked in Windows safe mode more times than I can count.  The Mac – while much faster than any of those machines, is unworkable in that mode. Without it, what I have is something that can only be described as “the white screen of death.”

I immediately went to the Google and looked at a list of potential causes and solutions. After trying everything except a full rebuild of the machine, I gave up.

Today when I Googled the error I saw that since its release, El Capitan has been wreaking havoc on a large number of users. The problems are extensive. There are posts that mention my issue – failure to run at all. But even for those who manage to successfully install the software, there are a number of other challenges – battery life, Wi-Fi, Office 2016, Bluetooth, Spotlight, mail and the list goes on and on. You just have Google “El Capital problems” to see how many posts there are. In the support forums, there are plaintive stories of failure after failure from lonely voices who inevitably start with “I’m not that technical…”  Of course, they aren’t, but that’s why they paid the premium for a Mac.

If it’s any comfort – and I don’t suppose it is – I not that lacking in technical skills. It’s not going to do me much good.

Today, it looks more and more like the only thing I will be able to do is restore and perhaps rebuild my machine. Just what I wanted. A day or more without my laptop. And that’s just to get back to where I was. After that, we wait for a release that works. Which is perhaps what Apple should have done before they released this buggy release on the unsuspecting public.

Remember when people accused Microsoft of launching beta or even alpha software as “ready for prime time.” And Apple rose in popularity taking market share by dissing the PC and proclaiming their higher level of quality. El Capitan changes all that. It may not be “Vista” but the effect is the same.

What’s the cure? Well there is a rumour of an “upgrade” that should fix these problems. Sound familiar?

What I recommend? If you haven’t upgraded – don’t. Wait a few months and see if the problems subside.

As a CIO, all those Macs that we have in our shop are more expensive but until now, very easy to support. If we’re back to waiting two or three releases in to upgrade my OS and paying a substantial premium to do so, Windows 10 is looking pretty good.

Remember that old saying – “it takes years to build a reputation and minutes to destroy it.”  Apple needs to take heed of that.

Have El Capitan caused you problems? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • From what I’ve been reading lately OSX has become a nice target for malware too, so at least Windows 10 is offering some substantial updates on that front.

    • While it is most strange to have virus protection on a Mac – I highly recommend it. I’m much more careful these days and feel far less invincible. But unfortunately it ‘s inevitable with the growth in market share for Macs that malware for Mac would surface..

      • Ben Collings

        Your right, MACs need protection. They are the same as Windows these days and so much more expensive.
        Windows 10 and a half price laptop compared with a mac pro is best.
        I would like to see this protection installed at the start with IOS like windows does.
        Macs are going down hill!!!!

  • @jimhoward529

    Went looking for “El Capitan Problems” which got me to your article. I just switched from PC to Mac a few months ago and loved the change – even with the learning curve. When El Capitan came out, I moved quickly for all the reasons you listed. Alas, I feel like I’m back on my old PC. Several problems have surfaced since the “upgrade.” Most notable are issues with one of my email accounts and glitches with the few windows-based programs I need and run through Parallels. I’m hoping Apple addresses these bugs quickly.

    • Me too. I did download the most recent updates and my issues have been fixed. Still a lousy performance from Apple, but a fast recovery would be appreciated. Let me know if your issues get fixed.

  • You’ve been in the software business for 30 years and you expect something as complex as a OS upgrade to run without a hiccup on tens of millions of devices? Do you also stop flying on an airline if your flight doesn’t arrive on-time?

  • I have been a faithful Apple user for years , iPhone, iPad, Mac and Mac book pro all with no problems at all. All of that changed with “El Crappitan” ! I have had crash after crash, more issues with photos than I can even start to describe and have seen the swirling beach ball of death almost constantly no matter what I try to do. I would totally advise anyone that has not already downloaded this disaster of OSX to NOT DO IT!!! I am incredibly sorry I did . Oh and did i mention that I now type faster than my Macbook Pro and that is really saying something because I am not that great of a typist !!

    • chuckfreyer

      Listen up about reality: This is the same with ALL software. After some time they do NOT work with older computers. In an age where there is RAPID change – heed to that. This LAW of mine applies always: do NOT upgrade software UNLESS you upgrade hardware to a “Within 3 years Apple warranty”. I do NOT blame Apple. I blame users.

  • Tom R

    I’ve been a Mac user since 1998. I downloaded El Crap the first day it was out, and – besides the well known stability problems with Office 2011 – it wreaked havoc join my email. Out of seven email accounts on four different servers, I lost the ability to communicate with one server completely and the ability to send to two others. I suppose if it had been a Windows upgrade, I would have shrugged and figured it could have been worse, but I was stunned that this steaming pile of software excrement could be issued by Mac. After a few hours on the phone with Apple, I had to take my Mac to an Apple Store, where Apple reloaded Yosemite. Problems solved. But now, I’m afraid of Mac downloads. I’ll probably never upgrade again.

    • Unfortunately we have to upgrade to remain secure. My advice is – don’t be an early adopter. Wait for some time and Google the problems before you upgrade. I certainly will. I made the mistake of being too trusting of Apple’s quality. I won’t make that mistake again.

    • parkplace06

      I also had 99% email failure…I had to force close and reopen 10+ times for it to work

    • chuckfreyer

      Get new mac machines. Stop complaining. Why are you using Office anyway?

      • Whydontchagetalife

        Because you fucking twat, some people need it at work. And he didn’t even mention what machine he was on. So if it is one year old he should buy a new one? You are a moron.

  • Mikkaw

    I have been a macbook pro user for 5 years, and have enjoyed the trouble free operation and upgrades. However’ El Captain rendered my computer totally useless. There seemed to be no way to recover. Time machine failed as well. Lucky that my Windows experiences have taught me clone my hard drive regularly. That saved me.

    • chuckfreyer

      It is highly unlikely “Time machine” ALSO failed. You have done something wrong here.

  • LB

    I have never been an early adopter. In the race to be the best and quick with software I advise waiting months to upgrade. If it don’t need to be fixed don’t (I run two small businesses one consulting based and live on the laptop…) —
    Everyone says “oh you have to for security” — think about this seriously. As the minority user base, and the least violated do you really think last system update is all that vulnerable you need to rush out and upgrade cause it is flashy new….

    I have never had an issue on any device and I routinely wait 4 + months. On one machine for OS we waited 3 years….. no issues (and that one is used for gaming)…..

  • gisabun

    I’ve seen a variety of reasons why an OS upgrade [or even a service pack fails miserable]. Half of the time, some junk such as malware is left behind and wasn’t cleaned out correctly.
    Also a good reason why the Windows “preview” cycle is way longer than Apple’s. To get rid of these issues.
    Apple failed at rushing this mess out.

  • SavageNarce

    I am a firm believer in the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. I still have an old WinXP machine chugging away in the basement (as my internal media server) and my iPhone is still on iOS 6. They still work, they do what I need to have done, and there are no issues with the hardware not being speedy/big/powerful enough to handle upgrades.

    • chuckfreyer

      You have nailed the secret of secrets that I am ranting on about you in my posts. YES !

  • Pierre Moatti

    As a former CIO myself and one who “changed religions” from “Gatesism” to “Jobsism” in 2008, I find your article full of holes. As an IT professional, I would have expected you to do fundamental backups, yet you do not mention this at all. This would certainly ameliorate your survival upon a rebuild. Nor do you describe what environment you are running, as in preloaded apps, etc., which may be at the cause of your problems.
    I did the El Capitan update and have had zero (none) issues. Other than IOS apps needing to catch up and my Home Automation app crashing (this got resolved very quickly by the software house), it has performed rather flawlessly. I run a fair bit of apps from the Adobe Creative Suite as well as a Windows VM and the full gamut of Microsoft for Mac apps.
    So it is easy for you to slag Apple while not practicing a full disclosure, and let the general public reading your “el-crapo”, draw the wrong conclusions. Having read this, I seriously doubt that you are even Apple OS X user, let alone even know what you write about. You must be a real charmer at parties.

    • Jack Nimble

      Spoken like a true Isheep Troll.
      Just because you did not have any issues it does not mean others have not. Stop slagging the author, and search the web to see all the issues others have had.

      • Pierre Moatti

        Oh Jack B Nimble,

        The author offers no substance to his claims nor disclose any hard details to support them. You on the other hand, hide behind a pseudonym (do you actually know what that word means or do you need to Google it) and don’t even have the balls to use your real name. My guess is that you’re actually the author.

        I use both OS’s and bother to RTFM before engaging in any updates. I also “troll” the forums to set my expectations as well as verifying my backups. You can only come up with lame conjecture while hiding behind a “nom de plume”. Get over yourself and come up with a mature response next time.

        • Jack Nimble

          Face it your a Troll with nothing constructive to bring to the discussion. With an attitude like yours, I am not surprised you lost your Job as a CIO. What company would want you.
          You ask me to come up with a mature response next time, yet your the one who calls the author’s article “el-crapo”, and says “You must be a real charmer at parties” What are you 12? What CIO would talk like that to another professional? Obviously a pretender and insecure Troll.
          Did you not bother to Google some of the issues people are having? If you don’t know how to use Google, just let me know and I will provide the links.

          • Pierre Moatti

            I agree that there have been posted incidents of people who have found their machine “bricked” so to speak – forcing them to do all sorts of extra work to get back to a workable state. Maybe, I was one of the luckier ones. Maybe, more gloom and doom is headed my way. Maybe bad karma will get to us all but In the meantime, I’ve had a good experience (so far).

            Let’s not all throw out the baby with the bath water. No OS is without its growing pains especially when going through re-design. I’m sure that many people can recount horror tales of Windows upgrades, Who here preferred Windows 8? Certainly not me and 8.3 was a slightly better build until 10 came along. Bottom line – there are no innocent bystanders in the tech wars.

      • chuckfreyer

        Jack This is the same with ALL software. After some time they do NOT work with older computers. In an age where there is RAPID change – heed to that. This LAW of mine applies always: do NOT upgrade software UNLESS you upgrade hardware to a “Within 3 years Apple warranty”. I do NOT blame Apple. I blame users.

    • parkplace06

      My outlook crashed 10/10 times… It would work for 2 minutes or less… Windows 10 is looking much better now…

  • mike

    I have a had a few problems with El Capitan and using Time Machine “downgraded” to Yosemite. To be fair El Capitan worked fine and seemed faster and I know its not the same for some but reason i rolled back was my music hardware and plugins stopped working with El Cap. I realised i was a bit quick to upgrade and think I will wait a few months before upgrading.

  • Tampageek

    The problem with El Capitan is SIP (system integrity protection) also called “rootless.” It locks down the core of the OS – on purpose. In the process of this so-called security “feature” it stops many apps and basic functions from working – on purpose.
    Therefore it is actually be design that the OS is causing problems and unless  reverses course on this overly walled garden approach, no future updates will make it work any better.

    But fear not  fans – Apple Inc will be happy to sell you a new computer. Whether or not it works as intended is another story.

  • Kerob

    I upgraded to El Capitan and couldn’t hold it for more than 3 days. Happily I had a Time Machine backup and reverted. The turning point was when I was doing some work (I do all sort of things: Sketchup design, software development, etc) yesterday and it crashed making me loose all I was working on. I don’t remember my previous Windows 7 laptop crashing so fast and painfully.

    While Jobs was away from Apple during the years of 1985 and 1997, what was Apple selling? How was Apple reputation in the market, what products they were offering? Most of people don’t know the answer for any of these questions because basically Apple didn’t “exist” during those years. When Jobs returned, what happened? It was a boom! And it has been a boom after boom until he definitely left us. Now look what we bumped into. When Jobs was gone in 2011, my first fear was having Apple turning back to what it was between 1985 and 1997. So far this fear is been well fed.

    • chuckfreyer

      Listen up:This is the same with ALL software. After some time they do NOT work with older computers. In an age where there is RAPID change – heed to that. This LAW of mine applies always: do NOT upgrade software UNLESS you upgrade hardware to a “Within 3 years Apple warranty”. I do NOT blame Apple. I blame users.

      • FreyerChuck

        Get a Windows 10 laptop, half the price and has protection on from the start.

      • Paul

        Change the record Chuck your “law” makes no sense whatsoever. If it’s true that apple need you to replace your hardware every 3 years just to keep their bare OS running then why the hell would anyone buy apple?! It’s nothing here but bad software design and test. Hardware specs move fast but not THAT fast. Blame the users for apples problems – you sound like a high ranking apple exec, whom I’ve come to realise hold this artitude. As long as they do, apple will die (again).

  • Les

    Just paid £1500 for this new Mac 5K . The key chain prompt just keeps popping up. Sick of changing pass words. Paid a computer professional to try and fix with no success. He has now instalłed Windows 10. Very disappointed with Apple.

    • chuckfreyer

      Unlikely. Show evidence.

      • Gendo Ikari


  • Hugh Johnson

    My 2008 macbook pro hasn’t stopped crashing since I installed El Crapitan. I reinstalled it an it still crashes. I wish there was a way to reinstall Yosemite. Sounds like it’s time to buy a new laptop, and I guarantee you it won’t be a mac.
    BTW: I don’t connect to a monitor like so many people who also seem to have problems.

    • chuckfreyer

      This is the same with ALL software. After some time they do NOT work with older computers. In an age where there is RAPID change – heed to that. This LAW of mine applies always: do NOT upgrade software UNLESS you upgrade hardware to a “Within 3 years Apple warranty”. I do NOT blame Apple. I blame users.

      • Adam McClure

        You said that already, Apple Fanboy

      • Whydontchagetalife

        Yeah chuck, you should say that some more. Or we could look at the fact that Apple says nothing about not installing it on older computers. Right? It is up to the OS developers to not allow an OS to install on computers they don’t deem up to par. Yet they have these year computers as compatible. It is not the “old computers” you keep drumming on about, it is a badly written OS.

  • João Carvalho

    I’m going nuts with El Capitan. I have a MacBook Pro (mid 2012) and the first thing I noticed was the lower speed of the system. Some time ago I started having a problem when waking from sleep, the light on the monitor doesn’t turn on forcing to reboot the machine. To make things better, the boot process have been degrading and its now taking over half an hour until I can use something. I’m one of those who said, when Jobs died, that Apple would never be the same again.

    • chuckfreyer

      This is the same with ALL software. After some time they do NOT work with older computers. In an age where there is RAPID change – heed to that. This LAW of mine applies always: do NOT upgrade software UNLESS you upgrade hardware to a “Within 3 years Apple warranty”. I do NOT blame Apple. I blame users.

      • Abner Doubleday

        You said that already, lardass. F(*K off!

      • Paul

        No! I have a mac that is 5 years old, but it has an intel i7 processor, 8G of ram and half a terabyte storage. To have it running smoothly on mavericks and then falling to bits on this “update” is absolutely not acceptable. If we’re going to fork out thousands on an apple laptop for the higher spec we expect them to hold their value better and work smoother. My first install of El Capitan froze during file vault and completely corrupted my hard drive. After struggling for days with it, I ended up paying apple for a support ticket only to be told I needed to re-format and re-install anyway. Within 10 minutes of fresh install I am already hitting new bugs – can’t even eject my external drive without force ejecting, and can’t pause updates during download because the buttons won’t click. Apple went down the toilet a long time ago and were revived under Jobs. I fear they are going back down. I have no idea what they are doing – have they cut their test budget or something? Anyway the only thing that was keeping me with apple anymore was OS X – not their now non-competitive phones, their overpriced watches, their laughable “pro” tablets, their stupid connectivity problems or their insistence on forcing iTunes or iPhoto on me. Now OS X is junk I’m actually a bit relieved – I won’t feel so bad about moving back to microsoft, even though I despised windows it’s now much better than this junk by a mile and I will have a much more complete infrastructure to interact with. Screw apple it’s total overpriced junk – style over substance. Grrrrr…

        • Paul

          And btw this is with El Capitan OSX 10.11.3, so it’s not the usual version .0 bugs it’s been around for a good while now and still full of bugs – really, really obvious bugs that should not pass by any halfway capable software tester.

  • flavia ruth

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  • chuckfreyer

    Too much complaining here. EL CAPITAN IS BRILLIANT. All the complainers below do not seem to realize upgrading problems is the same with ALL software. After some time they do NOT work with older computers. In an age where there is RAPID change – heed to that. This LAW of mine applies always: do NOT upgrade software UNLESS you upgrade hardware to a “Within 3 years Apple warranty”. I do NOT blame Apple. I blame users.

    • i_Phoned

      NO! Original Apple (not Mac) users know Apple USED to have MUCH less issues with releases, but increasingly in recent years they are no different than Redmond who were the people to beat…long ago anyway.
      When consumers are spending MULTIPLE times as much for Apple products, they have a RIGHT to demand top quality.
      You wouldn’t buy a Rolls and accept the same defect rate as a G.M..

    • Abner Doubleday

      Eat s***, fascist.

    • Tim Rein Gottschalk

      Wrong Chuck I’ve been in software biz 20 years and you don’t shell out $4K for a top of the line new MBPR to have it perform worse than Vista. I ran into basic issues that normal testing would have uncovered quickly.

      This is not some $799 HP here

      I finally had to swap out the first MBPR they sent me a few weeks ago – the hardware team gave up trying to fix it. New one is better but El Crap still looks terrible and fuzzy but I finally found a monitor that it is somewhat acceptable on. Meanwhile I set up Win 10 on Bootcamp and VMWare on the same unit and they look fantastic even w the free license and inability to customize look n feel.

      I like how Apple tossed in the cheaper power adapter w their premium Mac. Kinda sends a big F U to their top users.

      I see that Chuck has refuted a number of posts here so he probably works for Apple so this reply is a waste of time.

  • Choc Inosa

    As an IT professional, I can clearly state that Macs and the El Capitan update are awful.

  • Abner Doubleday

    It’s definitely appropriate to label Mac OS 10.10 El Crapitan!

    To start, I seemed to have lost thousands of photos from iPhotos. Photos will not upload the iPhotos files, stating my computer doesn’t have sufficient disk space. BUT IT DOES!! Each of my 2 hard drives has more than sufficient space – otherwise where were all the photos in iPhotos stored? On one of those hard drives! Then, I can’t use Photos at all, even if I could access the lost files (I haven’t yet been successful in retrieving them from back up files — yet another serious malfunction of El Crap — since every attempt to open the application starts with a formatting window that inevitably leads soon to the “insufficient memory” message, with no choice to bypass the formatting. You’d think the geniuses at Apple would have provided an interface that would allow a by-pass on a non-functional application structure. Then, the only way to quit Photos is to use Force Quit, and the program cannot be opened without its attempting to re-create the file structure. So, Photos is completely useless, and my photos are, at least until I find a way to retrieve them, gone.

    Using other apps (Preview, Xee) to open photos soon led to crashing of both programs. Preview insists I need “permission” to open photos, when I’m the only person using this computer, ever. Even then, making sure the file editing permissions include me (the only user) usually doesn’t work to allow opening the file. I have to relaunch Finder to use either program again, until the permission charade starts all over again.

    THINK VERY CAREFULLY before downloading El Crapitan!

  • karen

    Im glad to see other suffers here besides me. I have a new macbook pro, and i went to el capitan. at first it was ok,,,then it wanted me to do an upgrade from 11.10.2 to 3 that is when hell broke loose, the moment the upgrade was done, i was on my samsung phone looking at my emails to by time. i notice that when i went into some folders,,,,namely my kids,,,bill,emails from mom,,,i saw the emails in folders for about 5 seconds. then they just disappeared,,,holy crap,,,then i went onto my computer thinking something wrong with mail,,,and looked into my newly upgraded el capitan,,and checked some saved folders in apple mail and went down the list of folders,,,,ALL EMPTY,,,,ALL ,,,I WAS FLYING,, i went to my google mail,,,gmail and thought maybe its not downloading ,,,looked into email folders that i have had for about 8 years archived,,,bills, receipts,,,etc,,,,lots of folders throughout the years,,,ALLL GONE ,,,BLANK,,,NOT A ONE EMAIL ,,ALL FOLDERS EMPTY,,,THANKS EL CAPITAN,,,, apparently something screwed up with exchange,,,since all my devices were wiped ,,,cannot recover,,i called apple,,,went to apple,,,boo hoo
    i emailed google,,,,what a mistake,,,,emailed google again,,,,emailed anyone who’d listen,,,,all deaf,,,,,so now I’m looking to take that email stealer off my computer,,,,i need to downgrade,,,,lucky me i did back up my computer before i did the nasty but problem is that i will not get my emails back from gmail..i didn’t download all of them onto my computer,,,,I’m pissed,,,so don’t tell me its the computer owner,,,,its the upgrade owner,,,,

  • wind_stopper

    I’m glad I updated to El Capitan – in fact, I got bored with Mac OSX and was actually flirting with Win10, after more than a decade of being part of the Mac universe. My MBpro was still running 10.6.8 and all those negative reviews really made me hesitate. But then, the lack of security updates made me feel uneasy and I decided to take a leap of faith – after all, I couldn’t believe Apple’s developers could have been that sloppy.
    I made a full Time Machine backup, clean swiped the hard drive, started with a fresh install of Snow Leopard from DVD and proceeded with upgrade to El Capitan via the AppStore. It took a while, but no issues and a few hours (downloading the 6GB while kids were watching Netflix!) later my 7 year old MBpro started happily into a new level of OSX awesomeness. I then went on to re-install all my software and with one exception (X11 issues), everything runs just fine and no issues. Speed is a funny thing; for some reason, some processes are faster than before, while others feel a tad slower. For instance, booting up is slow, while returning from sleep mode is blazing fast. Native Mac apps start snappy, while Office 2011 take an extra second or two. I ordered upgrade RAM and also will convert to SSD drive. With those hardware changes and El Capitan, my MBpro will feel just like new.

    I love the new Safari, Mail is much of an improvement from the old Snow Leopard days, everything feels and looks fresher and as I said, it kind of re-kindled my love for OSX and my Mac.

    I have Win10 running on an old PC in the basement and while I actually kind of like it, El Capitan trumps Win10 and IMHO OSX remains at the pinnacle of desktop OS for private users.

    • Paul

      Even though I preferred snow leopard personally, you are still comparing an is that is generations older with el crap. If you used lion, mavericks, Yosemite, etc you would have a better point of comparison, especially for apps like mail and safari.

    • wind_stopper

      Ok, I think its time for a correction on my initial El Capitan experience.

      While I like the look and feel of El Capitan, I noticed how much it slowed down standard processes and my productivity overall. Mail is slow, preview (is pretty bad overall) is quite slow and opening MS office is just painfully slow.

      My MBpro is not a recent model and I attribute some of the sluggishness to the old hardware. But nonetheless, preview is terribly bad – it puts files wherever it sees fit, there is no “save as” button and changing the file location requires to open a finder window to rename and store pdf files manually – so bad.
      Finder also screwed up the dates on my pdf files – so, the “date modified” field was blank for all pdf files saved before the upgrade to El Capitan. There are several thousand pdf files in that folder and not having any temporary association is just bad.

      Overall, it just didn’t work for me in my work life, which is bad. My MBpro is still going strong and now once more with Snow Leopard. Too bad …

  • Lafayette Escadrill

    Last July I got a new 27 inch iMac with el Crapitan. Installed Yosemite after a couple of weeks and lived happily ever after.

  • Esteban AF

    Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, Chrome, Safari, Firefox… everything crashes all the time. I Have a Macbook Pro Late 2011.. but looks like an old notebook with Windows Me 🙁 I reinstalled it twice, and it still crashes gggrrrr gggrrr

  • Peter

    Mail is slow to load incoming mail, it shows on individual account but not in the general window, searching within mail is time consuming with poor results, spam shows up where it should not, etc
    Spotlight is erratic and not trustworthy, searching within the finder window brings up tons of ‘finds’ for no reason etc making it thus useless. These search issues or a major setback. They used to be cutting edge or state of the art. Now, El Capitan is making a mess. None of the updates have solved the major problems.

  • hungedu

    Like you, I rarely had problems making upgrades, until El Capitan. I have three Macs, and luckily upgraded only my MacBook Air, which I use primarily for business. My other two Macs remain on Yosemite and are carbon copies of my Air when on Yosemite. For three months, I have been struggling with El Capitan. I lost critical features in QuickTime 7 Pro, which I use for business. I can no longer just plug in my external HDD and have it mount like it used to. Now, I have to restart my MacBook Air every time I connect an external device just to have it recognize it. I find myself using my other two desktop Macs for things my Air can no longer do under El Capitan. I made this upgrade in anticipation of purchasing the new Macbook or updated Air this March, but have changed my mind since these yet to be released, new products will only run El Capitan and forward. Instead, I just purchased a refurbished, early 2015 2.2GHz I7 MacBook Air and will restore it from one of my remaining Macs on Yosemite. My current MacBook will be downgraded to Yosemite and given to my girlfriend. I was really looking forward to the next-generation, slim Macbook product, but I’d rather have older, clunky-looking Macs that actually work.

  • JoeUSA

    Anyone else have a strange boot up progress bar since the 10.11.2 update? The progress bar gets to about 3/4 of the way then it become a solid white bar for a second then it continues on as normal.

  • BigMac

    Mac are carp compared to cheaper but faster win 10 laptops. You get a lot more for your money and Mac book pro is slower than my HP laptop. Had to send it back after a month of trying, they are not built like they were.

  • Philobiblon

    ‘El Crapitan’ alters so much on the MAC that is not seen. Websharing? Only via Terminal now. Hope you have SUDO. Textedit alters the quote ” and php will blow up trying to parse it. And you have to change PHP settings, because the OS upgrade went and changed a bunch of loadmod lines. So PHP is disabled by default now. The only solution was copypasta from another line – you can’t type it. MySQL paths have changed so that was a pain in the ass to get going again.

    Nevermind the little annoyances like that Preview bookmarks are gone so now to go search where I put all those PDFs. Or that Sidebar icons are gone. Or that folder tags are dots now. Spotlight changed for the worse. Plus a long list of other junk they messed up in the “update”.

    WTF did Apple do, hire a bunch of morons that Microsoft fired to write this POS OS????

    • Rima Saria

      I am not tech wiz but I read all these comments and am glad Im not the idiot here
      Cant find any of my things. Was up all night looking for folders and pictures and ……… So frustrating. I did not back up!! Yikes
      I want El Capitan out of my ship now!

  • Pat

    How much disasters like that one will it take for Apple’s board to fire Tim Cook?

  • jenny

    Ugh. I read quite a few articles and threads about El Capitan before upgrading this evening and I wish I had read this one. I think I’ve lost most of my files. The photos were transferred, not all but most (from iPhoto), the apps transferred, but no documents or files. I backed up all my photos only because that’s what I was mostly concerned about. I’ve had issues logging into my iCloud account, I still can’t access the “Internet Accounts panel” (iCloud, gmail, Facebook, twitter etc) and the screen is black at start up. Also, there should be 4 users and there was only an option for 1 (I rebooted, pressing the shift ket and that did the trick) and there are so many other glitches. Also I was told that iPhoto would migrate to Photos and wouldn’t take up too much extra space, but before upgrading I had 100GB available (getting too close to max capacity) but now I have ALL OTHER FILES at 499.25 GB, with only 35GB available. That doesn’t even add up, mathematically. I’m afraid to run OmniDiscSweeper at the moment until I back everything up but it’s going the pace of a snail. The worst part is that I tried to open the .mov’s and .mp4’s etc from dropbox and I can’t do it so I’ve *got* to try to retrieve everything from my hard drive somehow

  • jefwassom

    PDF annotation in preview-SUCKS… Preview places documents where it wants, not where you need it… the annoying folder color that blinds my fucking eyes and can’t be changed. so many little things that used to make my work enjoyable have now made me so angry… i just want to take a gun and shoot the shit out of these assholes… why have they taken away all the ability to change fucking anything… Jobs was an asshole, but at least his shit worked beautifully… this new moron is a complete idiot.

  • Guest_47

    You all know the saying, “No one is point a gun to your head to upgrade”. But wait, they ARE. I am still using Lion, refusing to upgrade all these years. However, I can’t install any more new applications, because none of them support Lion now. The funny thing is that I started losing support for these applications a few years ago when my machine was just TWO years old.

  • Jon

    I haven’t upgraded and won’t. What happened to the legendary ‘look and feel’ of Mac. It’s gone! The graphics and icons are all just completely flat! No shading to make them look 3 dimensional just dead flat. It’s a really horrible experience. Steve Jobs wouldn’t have allowed it.

  • XFreq

    I’m doing Mac since 4 months.

    This late 2009 iMac has successfully updated to El Capitan, perhaps because :

    First, I have only one daily software: Xcode.
    The rest, Wifi, Bluetooth, Air-Stuff, iCloud, are all deactivated. No fancy applications.

    Second, I have added the maximum of RAM, up to 16 GB

    Third, I give enough “time” to processes to complete.
    -> Just go into those /var/log/* files
    -> Check system usage with “top”

    Surprise, even an apparently fine running OSX is telling you all his suffering : stuck daemons, corrupted libraries, processes & files locked or access rights issues.

    Most of them are easy to solve when you are familiar with UNIX, but others are not, especially without any opened source code.

    I’m mean that “grepping” an error into the kernel source tree of any Linux, *BSD, can give you a path to solve it.
    Things that you can’t unfortunately do with OSX

  • kurt

    Today, I just received the worst kind of issue with El Capitan. For some reason, NFS mounting stopped working altogether. I’m a Sr Architect for my company and have been a Mac user for many years. I was drawn to it because of it’s Unix base. All of the integrated systems: compute, storage and networking all or most are based upon a Unix base. So for me, I can open terminal and ssh right into whatever I need to do. For me, it was a rock solid operating system with a pretty GUI. What could be better. I’ve been lax on how I allow my Mac (macbook pro) to upgrade. In the past, I’ve been very happy with just setting updates to “manual”. However, Apple must feel they know better because, now, the Updater application constantly badgers users to upgrade with a simple 1 push. They don’t provide any real details on what low level Unix utilities are upgrading. I’ve quite superficial from what I can see. Again, I’ve been on Mac since 2001 (15 years). Here’s the symptoms we started seeing with the 10.11.4 version. We’re seeing issues with Unix level mounting support in Finder. Finder no longer allows us to connect to NFS shares and in addition, we cannot connect to other servers using the connect button in finder (Console is showing XPC connection was invalidated). Anyway, I’m off to contact Apple support for the first time in years. I’m not even sure if they offer enterprise level support. At this point, Apple feels more like the old Microsoft and I’m thinking you’re right, maybe it’s time to take a hard look at Windows 10?

  • Paul Baker

    Terrible software, I bought a brand new I mac 2.18ghz with 8gig ram, and its so sluggish, it took 8mins to start up and open indesign, its just pathetic, it will probably be going back to the apple shop for a refund and my next machine (which I never thought id say will probably be a windows machine 🙁 well done Apple, you messed up something that was a dream too use to a pile of crap.

  • Elvis whyte

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  • Expat99

    I’ve been using MacBook Pros since 2008 b/c they are the only OS that runs a DAW (digital audio workstation) called Logic Pro. Performance has always been excellent until I installed El Crapitan. It takes 3-4 times longer to boot up than previous Mac OSs, is very slow about loading some programs, and routinely crashes. Worst of all, it crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to do a final mix of any work I’ve recorded in Logic. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I am becoming quite anti-Apple as it seems they only care about selling iGadgets to teenagers and no longer care about people who have invested 10s of 1000s of dollars in their computer software and hardware. They also seem more invested in promoting their pet social causes than in producing reliable products. I am considering migrating back to a Windows system and investing way too much money in Pro Tools to replace Apple’s flailing Logic software. Unfortunately, that would cost more money than buying a new car, and I have 300+ music projects stored in Apple’s Logic format. So all I can do — and do each day — is curse Apple every time my system crashes. That’s a lot of cursing.