Ping on its way to becoming a spammers’ haven?

In less than 48 hours Ping netted over one million users. But will its success also become a source of woe for Apple's new music-focused social networking service?Ping is barely a week old

Published on: September 8th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

Apple leak reveals iOS 4.1 available today

Apple has revealed that the iOS 4.1 update will be launched today.For a brief time over the weekend, the company's U.K. site stated that the update, which CEO Steve Jobs said would be

Published on: September 8th, 2010 Gregg Keizer

11 most annoying Web applications

They install themselves, marking their territory with icons. They flash distracting, trivial alerts on the screen in front of you. They demand that you install the latest update, and they won't take no

Published on: September 6th, 2010 Mark Sullivan

World Wide Web is dying, but does anyone care?

No doubt many netizens of cyberspace were surprised to hear this week that the World Wide Web is on death's doorstep while the Internet is alive and well and ready to be the

Published on: August 30th, 2010 John P. Mello Jr.

iPhone user accounts breached by phishing, expert says

It's unlikely that consumers' iTunes accounts were hacked by a Vietnamese iPhone developer, a security researcher said today.Instead, it's more probable that users' credit cards were obtained through standard phishing tactics or keyloggers

Published on: July 12th, 2010 Gregg Keizer

Google preparing iTunes killer?

Even as Apple continues to develop an iTunes to rule them all, Google's battle with Apple continues -- and a fresh skirmish is seen this morning with the sneak preview of what seemed

Published on: July 6th, 2010 Jonny Evans

Tech piracy can fuel innovation, says former pirate radio DJ

Frowned upon by the establishment, reviled by large music companies and hunted down by the police, today's tech pirates, in a way, have much in common with their seafaring counterparts of old. However,

Published on: May 26th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

10 exciting ways you can put your old computer to new uses

They're collecting dust in storage rooms and taking up extra space in your garage or office. They can't handle today's applications, peripherals or operating systems. Yes, older computers are a nuisance, like the

Published on: May 25th, 2010 John Brandon

Nine free iPad apps for work and pleasure

Our look at iPad apps place on your device started out with the best apps money can buy--11 essential iPad offerings that are among our favorite additions to the App Store. But you

Published on: May 24th, 2010 Macworld Staff

15 things we don’t know about Apple’s next iPhone

I think we can definitively say that Gizmodo has put a massive crimp in Apple's existing publicity plans for the next iPhone. When Apple announces the phone, the Reality Distortion Field may be

Published on: April 23rd, 2010 Harry McCracken

Apple iPad — As smart and stylish as they come

I have read every review about Apple's new iPad leading up to -- and after -- its launch today. I've seen just about every possible adjective used to describe the brilliant, 1024-by-768-pixel screen;

Published on: April 9th, 2010 Michael DeAgonia

Windows Phone 7 — 5 ways Microsoft hasn’t learned from Apple’s mistakes

Windows Phone 7 Series will not come with cut-and-paste functionality, according to a wide number of reports citing information Microsoft reportedly revealed during a Q & A session at its MIX10 conference late

Published on: March 18th, 2010 Ian Paul

Apple iPad – a great tool for ‘creativity on the go’

So the long mooted Apple iPad is finally here. It's a device that's supposed to take on netbooks at their own game and win, stop working on the train or plane being an

Published on: February 2nd, 2010 Neil Bennett

iPad will revolutionize publishing – someday

v1.0 shows platform still a work in progress  By now, even my disconnected mother sitting on a beach in Florida has heard about the iPad. And while geeks debate the name, whine about

Published on: January 29th, 2010 ITBusiness Staff