iPhone 3GS will delight first time buyers and upgraders alike

After standing in line at a store for almost an hour on June 19 -- the lines were shorter this year than they were for previous iPhone releases -- I snagged a 32GB

Published on: June 29th, 2009 Michael DeAgonia

Reader’s revenge: iPhone vs. BlackBerry revisited

In comparing the RIM BlackBerry Bold to the Apple iPhone 3G, after a month-long test of each, I declared that it was time to bury the Blackberry, as it was mediocre in its

Published on: June 23rd, 2009 Galen Gruman

iPhone 3G S is three times faster teardown reveals

The iPhone 3G S' hardware, including a faster microprocessor and a faster graphics processor than those in last year's model, supports Apple's claims that the new device is two to three times faster

Published on: June 23rd, 2009 Gregg Keizer

The iPocalypse Now – overloaded Apple servers infuriate iPhone users

Apple's activation servers, primed for Wednesday's release of the iPhone 3.0 operating system are too strained to handle the flood of requests.Twitter is pulsing with frustration, disappointment, contempt, and anger from existing iPhone

Published on: June 19th, 2009 John Cox and Philip Michaels

13 powerful productivity-boosting iPhone apps

These iPhone applications help extend your business desktop to the phone. Some sync contacts, calendars, and documents; others provide direct access to your PC or Mac; and a few conquer notes and memos

Published on: January 8th, 2009 Mike Heck

How to optimize the iPhone for business

After the release of the [iPhone 3G (and the iPhone 2 .0 update for first-generation iPhones ), I reviewed the challenges facing corporate IT departments integrating the iPhone as a business device. In

Published on: December 15th, 2008 Ryan Faas

Eight reasons to pick the iPhone over the BlackBerry Storm for business

Due in large part to the overwhelming success of Apple's iPhone smartphone,touch screen technology is winning more attention than ever before.Related article: Why you should pick the Storm instead. Countless handset makers have tried to mimic Apple's

Published on: December 1st, 2008 Al Sacco

iPhone update falls short of satisfying business needs

The iPhone 3G and its iPhone 2 OS propelled Apple's leading-edge mobile device into serious contention as a business smartphone. And the iPhone 3G is one of the best - if not the

Published on: November 26th, 2008 Galen Gruman

Blackberry Storm – a “smarter choice” for business users than iPhone

Related Article: BlackBerry Storm disappoints U.S. reviewer Is Research In Motion Ltd.'s new BlackBerry Storm just an Apple iPhone wannabe or is it an innovative, highly usable smart phone in its own right?

Published on: November 25th, 2008 David Haskin

New MacBooks prove solid as business laptops

Many observers consider the iPhone to be Apple's Trojan horse for the enterprise market. And with good reason. Figures just out show that Apple sold more than 10 million iPhones during its first

Published on: November 18th, 2008 Scot Finnie

BlackBerry Storm vs. Apple iPhone 3G – Which is better for business?

The following eight points argue why RIM's new touch screen BlackBerry may be better suited for your needs than Apple's uber-popular iPhone 3G. 8) Stereo Bluetooth Capability With the iPhone, users still can't

Published on: November 18th, 2008 Al Sacco

Four free and fabulous Blackberry Apps for work and fun

Ever since the release of the iPhone 3G and unveiling of Apple's App Store, the phone has grabbed all the attention for mobile applications – but that doesn't mean the Blackberry is falling

Published on: November 17th, 2008 Brian Jackson

Six free and fabulous iPhone downloads

Most things in life don't come for free. But the following half-dozen Apple iPhone applications are exceptions to the rule. Each of these free downloads will greatly enhance both your iPhone and mobile Internet

Published on: November 14th, 2008 Al Sacco

Seven sneaky ways tech product vendors are making you pay more

See related article: iPhone welcomed to Canada by massive online protest Faced with a worsening economy, companies are afraid to raise fees. Liberal MP David McGuinty (Ottawa South) talks about his "Get Connected

Published on: November 5th, 2008 JR Raphael