Eurocom ships high performance mobile workstations

Ottawa-based PC vendor Eurocom Corp. has released a new line of mobile workstations designed to offer high-performance computing while on the road. “Eurocom Mobile Workstations are unlike typical consumer notebooks, and even other mobile workstations in that

Published on: March 11th, 2013 Jeff Jedras

Three terrific large-screen notebooks that pull out all the stops

From the beginning of the age of mobility, we've been trying to squeeze more computer into smaller, lighter and more mobile notebook cases. A new generation of large notebooks with impressive displays, however,

Published on: August 15th, 2008 Brian Nadel

Eurocom launches gaming notebook

Wireless Eurocom launches gaming notebook D900C Phantom Eurocom launches its Gaming Notebook with FSB1066, 600GB of HDD with RAID 5, Intel Pentium Core 2 Extreme and Nvidia modular MXM-HE SLI technology.Eurocom introduced the Eurocom

Published on: March 20th, 2007 ITBusiness Staff