Progress Exchange 2014. (Image: Progress Software).

Published: October 7th, 2014

Coghead Web tool clicks with non coders

The relentless drive to control every part of the world from a browser-based widget is now turning on itself. Not only are all of our desktop applications being replaced with HTML, but the

Published on: September 23rd, 2008 Peter Wayner

Here’s why developers are avoiding Vista

Windows developers are confirming the results of a surveyreleased last Thursday that found fewer than 1 in 12 programmers currently writing applications targeting Windows Vista. "None of our customers are saying, 'G******it, we

Published on: May 16th, 2008 Eric Lai

A corporate mashup can work marvels for your business

Big vendors like Oracle, IBM and Microsoft are all over the show floor at the Web 2.0 Expo this week, testimony that new Web-based technologies are making their way into the enterprise. But

Published on: April 25th, 2008 James Niccolai

New mashups add muscle to your business tasks and applications

A strong argument could be made that any new type of software can't make it to the enterprise without a link to Excel, the lifeblood of many businesses.Makers of mashuptools are making their

Published on: April 23rd, 2008 Heather Havenstein

Seven challenges for IT in the next 25 years

Gartner Inc. has identified seven technologies that will "completely transform" business over the next 25 years, including parallel programming, wireless power sources for mobile devices, automated speech translation, and computing interfaces that detect

Published on: April 11th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Ten technology combos that are changing how we work and live

If there's one thing the digital revolution has taught us, it's that we shouldn't get too attached to anything. Technology has a way of seizing long-held ideas and entrenched industries and turning them

Published on: March 20th, 2008 Dan Tynan

Microsoft’s Ballmer grilled on Yahoo offer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer couldn't avoid being trampled by the elephant in the room -- the company's bid to acquire Yahoo -- during a quirky keynote question-and-answer session at the company's MIX 08

Published on: March 7th, 2008 Elizabeth Montalbano

Cobol career opportunities galore, but skilled coders hard to find

Last summer, Michael Vu, a 40-year-old independent IT consultant, found himself in a wholly unexpected place midway through his career.He'd signed a three-week contract to help a major U.S. retailer with an enterprise

Published on: February 22nd, 2008 Tam Harbert

Mac IT admins top concerns in a Microsoft-Yahoo merger

Unless you've been living in a cave, with no Internet connection, and no contact with anyone who has one, you know about Microsoft's desire to buy Yahoo (and Yahoo's subsequent rejection of Microsoft's

Published on: February 19th, 2008 John C. Welch

MySpace launches developer site, offers strong financial incentives

As expected, MySpace Tuesday launched a new site and released code that will allow developers to build applications for the popular social networking site.The new MySpaceDeveloper Platform site will be open to developers

Published on: February 6th, 2008 Heather Havenstein

Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (VS08) is the current incarnation of the company's long line of IDEs. It's the premier IDE for developing applications with the Microsoft .Net Framework and, at least, a contender

Published on: February 5th, 2008 Martin Heller