Articles By Peter Wayner

Internet Explorer 9 beta signals browser industry shift

One of the best ways to see what's changed with the ninth and newest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer is to tune into and watch the words, images, and DIVs bounce around,

Published on: September 21st, 2010 Peter Wayner

Seven browser tweaks to reach Web productivity nirvana

With ubiquity comes a measure of uniformity -- such is the plight of the modern Web browser. True, subtle differences in features, flexibility, and performance set some browsers ahead of the pack for

Published on: August 24th, 2010 Peter Wayner

Android devices better than iPhone in many ways

Can Google Android phones compete with the Apple iPhone? A few weeks ago, Google loaned me a Nexus One smartphone for experimentation, and I've spent the time since downloading applications and writing my

Published on: March 28th, 2010 Peter Wayner

Coghead Web tool clicks with non coders

The relentless drive to control every part of the world from a browser-based widget is now turning on itself. Not only are all of our desktop applications being replaced with HTML, but the

Published on: September 23rd, 2008 Peter Wayner

WaveMaker offers point-and-click ‘Java for dummies’

There was a moment in history when assembly coding and the knowledge of it largely disappeared from the world. Before it, the programmers knew and cared about the binary code the CPU saw,

Published on: April 21st, 2008 Peter Wayner