Did first DDOS attack sink the Titanic?

When the RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York, on April 10, 1912, she was considered the ultimate passenger liner -- unparalleled in luxury, size and

Published on: April 13th, 2012 Sharon Gaudin

Armageddon DDoS bot uses Apache Killer

The latest version of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) bot called Armageddon integrates a relatively new exploit known as Apache Killer, DDoS mitigation vendor Arbor Networks said on Tuesday.The Apache Killer exploit was released

Published on: March 7th, 2012 Lucian Constantin

Human error blamed for Microsoft network hack

Microsoft blamed human error after two computers on its network were hacked and then misused by spammers to promote questionable online pharmaceutical websites. Microsoft launched an investigation Tuesday, after the problem was first

Published on: October 15th, 2010 Robert MacMillan

50,000 ‘zombies’ triggered recent denial of service attacks

A report from security firm Symantec Corp. said the botnet that perpetrated the recent distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) attacks on several key U.S. and South Korean government, financial and media Web

Published on: July 10th, 2009 Nestor Arellano