Prezi Inc. has already made its mark in boardrooms all over the world, supplying speakers with creative-looking presentation slides meant to keep their listeners awake.

But now, Prezi is looking to bring its slides to mobile devices. On Wednesday, it launched a new “follow feature,” giving users the ability to either lead presentations or follow along with their iPads, iPhones, Macs, and PCs.

While Prezi has had mobile apps since 2011, what’s new here is that Prezi’s “follow feature” will allow speakers to invite up to 30 other people to follow their Prezi slides, while they give presentations live. Presenters will also be able to pass the torch to other presenters around the world, allowing them to share control for their portions of their presentations.

The feature is available at no extra cost to Prezi users, as iPad users can launch the Prezi app and then tap on the “Present Remotely” icon to get things started. iPhone users can go to the Prezi app, select the “Options” icon and then choose “Present Remotely.”

Users can then invite others to follow their presentations by shooting them an email invite. If they accept, they’ll be able to share presenters’ screens and see what they see as they navigate the slides.

While neither screen-sharing nor presentation-sharing are new phenomena, Prezi is a popular app among people who want to use something other than Microsoft PowerPoint. By adding this functionality to its mobile apps, Prezi is helping users be more productive on the go, and it’s also improving its core offering.

What’s unfortunate is that Android support still hasn’t been made available, even though Prezi has had mobile apps for a few years now.

However, the official YouTube video introducing the new feature also showed a comment from the company, saying it has made its Android app available in Australia and New Zealand, with a “worldwide rollout coming.”

Watch Prezi’s video to learn more about how the new feature works:

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