If there’s one thing you never thought you’d hear from Xerox Inc., it’s that the company wants you to make less paper copies of something.

Yet that is exactly what the company known for photocopiers and more recently, multi-function printers is saying. On Thursday Xerox announced its Digital Alternatives line of products, meant to replace the manual process of printing documents in the office with digital tools.

Compatible on both desktop and mobile platforms, the tools at their core are a document collaboration suite allowing users to sign, annotate, share, save, and read documents from the shared interface.

In a video demonstration of the software, a hovering toolbar is seen on top of a form that offers all the same way you’d interact with a piece of paper. You can tick boxes with check marks, highlight a section, type in text to fill in blank fields, and add your signature to a document.

Reading documents is made convenient by remembering the page where you last left off. Since its a cloud service, you can even access it on different devices and it will still load the document on the most recent page you were viewing.

Of course, sharing documents is also included with the software. One of the easy ways to do that is to choose the meeting you’re in on your calendar and have a document shared with all the attendees of that meeting.

Xerox Digital Alternatives is available now in North America and Europe. It will see worldwide distribution starting next year.

There’s an entire playlist showcasing how Xerox Digital Alternatives works on Youtube. Here’s the introduction:

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