SoftwareReviews announced Onspring GRC Platform, SAP GRC Solutions and Oracle GRC Management as the top three winners of its 2020 Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Emotional Footprint Award.

The users of GRC software review vendors every year to determine the ones that provided them with the best customer experience. The review process requires users to answer questions focused on satisfaction, each question crafted by Info-Tech Research Group’s seasoned IT industry analysts.

2020 GRC Emotional Footprint Diamond (Photo: Business Wire)

Showcased in an annual report published by SoftwareReviews, the Emotional Footprint Awards are mainly focused on relationships of software vendors with software users from the customer’s point of view.

According to the answers and experience of software users, Onspring GRC Platform is number one, scoring +100 in providing caring and respectful customer service experience, and client friendly policies to help drive innovation.

With strong positive emotional scores in multiple areas, SAP GRC Solutions took home the number two spot. It bagged the highest points in providing caring and respectful customer service experience, scoring a net emotional footprint of +81.

Coming in at number three is Oracle GRC Management that performed well across the board and received the first position in product enhancements, scoring +91.

The Emotional Footprint Diamond provides a full picture of the customer experience with software vendors and a complex relationship that spans procurement, implementation, service, and support. The net emotional footprint of a vendor is a result of aggregated emotional response ratings in the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, and strategy and innovation, creating a key indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and its product from the software users’ point of view.

The data published in the Emotional Footprint Diamond is collected from real end-users through software review surveys. The survey uses standard net promoter scoring (positive percentage minus negative percentage) to arrive at the net emotional footprint score. Vendors with top user scores receive the Emotional Footprint Award, SoftwareReviews noted in a press release.

A division of Info-Tech Research Group, SoftwareReviews is an IT research and consulting firm. The two-decade-old company is a source of insight into the enterprise software landscape as well as the client-vendor relationships.

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