Redmond, Wash.-based data technology services firm Versium Analytics Inc. released an automated service today that allows marketers to build narrowly focused lists for advertising campaigns, which the company guarantees will have a higher conversion rate than conventional selection-based marketing lists.

In fact, Versium founder and CEO Chris Matty is so confident that his new service, the Predictive List Builder, will provide a greater return on investment than traditional marketing lists, he’s willing to provide it for free if it doesn’t outperform a list built using standard selection criteria such as age range or gender.

Which, he notes, after more than a year of testing has yet to be the case.

Versium founder and CEO Chris Matty
Versium founder and CEO Chris Matty

“We’re announcing it this week, but it’s been live for months,” Matty says. “We literally have yet to find a customer where we didn’t deliver an improved conversion rate.”

Unlike selection-based marketing, in which clients provide a data services firm with a list of attributes they’re targeting and receive a list of contacts based on their requirements, Versium’s new service only requires that clients submit a list of customers who have purchased their products or services in the past.

It then compares that list to the company’s signature LifeData analytics system, a machine learning-based dataset covering more than 1 trillion proprietary-sourced consumer and business attributes, and returns a list based on thousands of desirable traits instead of just two or three.

Predictive Prospect List Builder
The Predictive List Builder in action.

“In the case of one of the top major mobile carriers – I can’t disclose who – we saw nearly a 400 per cent improvement in conversion,” Matty says. “We’ve seen as high as 900 per cent… though we think that regularly you should see three to four times [the average rate].”

If the Predictive List Builder sounds similar to Versium’s existing marketing analytics services, which we wrote about less than two months ago, it should – the key difference is that by automating the process, the company can now handle a much higher volume of clients, Matty says.

“Until we built the automated tool, if we had 500 people call us tomorrow we wouldn’t have been able to service them,” he says. “Now that we have the automated tool, 500 people could come in tomorrow and generate their lists.”

Marketing teams can now take advantage of the Predictive List Builder from Versium’s existing suite of marketing services, available at

“Now that we’ve automated the tool, the real marketing push is to say, ‘listen, everybody can now take advantage of this, even mid-market companies,” Matty says.

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