The legalization of marijuana in Canada is imminent, and Toronto-based startup Resolve Digital Health hopes it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of it with its smart medical device system.

Dubbed Breeze, the technology is designed to provide a more accurate, metered medical marijuana solution. It uses single-use Smartpods filled with cannabis buds or oil, which is then placed in the startup’s Breeze Smart Inhaler. The user can then track their experience through a mobile application, which stores data that can be shared with doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

Resolve Digital Health enters the game as cannabis continues to become a credible, reliable option for pain management during medical care such as chemotherapy. There are few options for users to keep track of their own health around medical marijuana, and through the Breeze app, now users can.

Founder and CEO Rob Adelson said last year in a statement that the company wants to ensure that its solution is more than just another product option, and be one that can provide consistent, reliable, and positive results within the patient experience.

“Patients have specific needs and clear expectations around how prescribed solutions should address their pain,” Adelsen said.

The SmartPods come with unique digital codes that explain exactly what’s inside, and are created to care for specific symptoms. Through the Breeze app, users can track consumption, pod type, treatment time, and efficacy. They can monitor symptoms and provide information around prescription drugs and medical conditions, and measure the effectiveness of each treatment.

Throughout 2017, Resolve Digital Health continued to expand its reach with numerous Canadian and American distribution partnerships that will take advantage of the changing laws in Canada, as well as in U.S. states like California, Oregon, and Washington.

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