Canada’s vast IT skills gap is no secret, with the Information and Communications Technology Council reporting that more than 216,000 tech-related jobs in the country will need to be filled by 2021.

Job search site is hoping to help by releasing a list of the most in-demand tech jobs in Canada and where they can be found.

Topping the list of tech jobs with the most openings in Canada is Quality Assurance Engineer with 3,417 job postings (per one million job postings) in 2017, followed by Junior Software Engineer with 1,230 jobs per million postings in 2017 and Web Content Specialist with 1,104 postings per million. All jobs contain a range of both entry, mid and high-level positions.

“As every company looks to innovate and grow through technology, it will be even more crucial for companies of all sizes to look to new solutions that will help them hire quality candidates and to close the talent gap in tech,” Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada, says in the report.

The below chart details the top 15.

Job TitleNumber of Job Postings Per 1 Million Job Postings in 2017
Quality Assurance Engineer3,417
Junior Software Engineer1,230
Web Content Specialist1,104
Reliability Engineer1,099
Junior Developer804
Machine Learning Engineer757
Product Engineer639
Product Development Engineer582
Director of Product Management550
Production Engineer423
Game Tester392
Junior Java Developer377
Operations Engineer290
Junior Front End Developer277
Computer Engineer261 also highlights that Toronto is the clear geographic frontrunner for tech jobs in Canada based on March 2018 data. The report says Canada’s largest city is home to 28 per cent of tech job opportunities in the country, followed by Montreal at 18 per cent and Vancouver at nine per cent.

Within Toronto, 11 per cent of local job postings are tech-related, but 25 per cent of those are hard to fill – which defines as staying open and unfilled for at least two months.

“Finding and retaining top tech talent is important to employers across Canada but it can definitely be a challenge: 33% of tech jobs in Vancouver are hard to fill for example, meaning the role stays open on Indeed for longer than 60 days,” Kasten explains. “The high demand is good news for tech talent but it can certainly be a challenge for employers who are in need of filling these critical roles.”

The below chart breaks down the top five cities in Canada based on their need for tech jobs.

City% National tech jobs% Local jobs% Hard to Fill
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