Telus and Google Cloud have joined together to create digital transformation solutions under a new 10-year agreement.

Announced on Feb. 9, Telus is looking to enhance its key business segments with Google’s help. Telus, a key Canadian technology company, is targeting communications technology, healthcare, agriculture, security, and the connected home. In addition to creating new services for its customers, Telus is hoping to improve its own network modernization initiatives.

Specifically, Telus said it’s looking to modernize the way healthcare and agriculture solutions are delivered and increase collaboration between healthcare providers. It also aims to increase traceability and quality within the food supply chain.

The agreement will also see Google Cloud services integrated into Telus’ future network services. Now a Telus partner, Google will assist Telus in delivering 5G and multi-access edge computing.

Furthermore, Telus will adopt Google Cloud’s enterprise platform for its core IT and network infrastructure. Telus said in its press release that it will use Google Cloud Contact Center AI to improve customer experience across its wireless and wireline services.

The two companies also announced plans to increase sustainability by reducing Telus’ carbon footprint, improve supply chain efficiency, and deliver greater social impacts through data analytics and machine learning.

“We are proud to partner with Telus to help fuel a fundamental shift to digital, leveraging data and AI to create valuable insights and improve customer experiences in multiple verticals,” said Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud chief executive officer. “We operate the cleanest cloud in the industry, and this partnership demonstrates the potential of what’s possible when you combine technology and innovation with a commitment to create a more sustainable world.”

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