Start-up creates 3D TV without the headaches

3D optics technology seems like it is high-tech and up to large, established digital display companies to create. But apparently Adrian Bulzacki was never told that.

The founder of Toronto-based ARB Labs Inc. touts a host of digital display technology that produces some of the best 3D effects on the planet. Working out of Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone, Bulzacki has created interactive 3D digital displays, created a holodeck-style room that is straight out of Star Trek, and immersive displays for public areas.

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During a recent open house at Ryerson’s workspace for digital start-ups, Bulzacki showed off some of his prototype technology that he says will be part of the next-generation of 3D TVs. The glasses for this style of TV are much less expensive than those sold with consumer 3D TVs presently on the market, and less likely to cause a headache.

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